Tennessee Sippin’ Yams

Tennessee Sippin Yams

Happy Monday! I am officially in the holiday mode around here! Sure, my only Christmas decoration consists of holly covered paper towels, but beggars can’t be choosers whilst living out of boxes. Decor aside, lets not pretend the holidays aren’t … Continue reading

{8-6-5} Guide to Knoxville, Part I

Nama Fish Taco

Last weekend, after the Turkey and stuffing and all the pie, I found myself back in Knoxville tying up some loose ends. With the holidays quickly approaching and a multitude of new-city adjustments to make, there’s no way of telling … Continue reading

The Messier the Kitchen the Better the Food


In the years following the start of this blog, I’ve managed to maintain a steady supply of decent, often witty, material. There was hardly a day that went by that an idea for a post didn’t pop into my head. … Continue reading

Looking Ahead

photo found here

In case you haven’t noticed, or live in a bunker, the holidays are quickly approaching. I’m noticing more and more houses aglow with lights, and emails advertising the assorted retail sales are flooding my inbox. The mall is bedecked, the … Continue reading

End of the Radio Silence


Happy Monday! It feels nice to be back. Two blogless, twitterless, almost Facebook & Instagramless (hey, I was taking a break not purging myself) can be kind of a relief for my over-stimulated soul. I wish I could say that … Continue reading