An Ode To Pinterest

There is a good chance that if you have been on the internet at least once in the past 4 months, you have heard of and/or discovered the wonderful world of Pinterest.

To briefly summarize, Pinterest is a “virtual pinboard” a place where users can “pin” pretty much anything they want. ANYTHING. Seriously, I’ve seen some nutty things on that website. But mostly, I’ve utilized Pinterest for the 3 F’s in my life (insert obvious joke here and move on…): Food, Fitness, and Fashion.

On the surface, Pinterest is a harmless site where happy people can share their ideas, recipes,  aspirations, etc. But be warned, beneath its surface lies something so addictive that you may find it extraordinarily difficult to get through your day without 3 or 4 good visits. Internet crack, if you will.

Pinhead warning aside, Pinterest can be a fantastic resource for anyone looking to entertain – as I did last night for the Super Bowl.

The Spread

With the exception of my Buffalo Chicken Wing Dip, most of the of the below listed items were recipes that were found on Pinterest, then either copied exactly, or edited a bit based on what I had or didn’t have on hand. I try really hard to create all the recipes I post on pinterest so I can vouch for their deliciousness.

Last night’s Ode to Pinterest Menu included:

Baked Cauliflower Poppers w/ Ketchup and BBQ sauce

Crock pot chicken tacos (and all the fixin’s)

Tortilla chips w/ Guacamole & salsa

Fruit w/ Strawberry Dip

Buffalo Chicken Wing Dip

Spicy Sweet Potato Hummus with toasted pita chips

Rice Krispie Treats

White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies

Crackers w/ Cheesy football (see below)

Cheese in Football Form

Food for 20 – The actual 6 in in attendance left with their belly’s full, I assure you.

So Pinterest, aside from its horrifyingly addicting qualities, can be a great tool to put all of your ideas, projects, and miscellaneous junk in one place. I mean, where else would you come across something as fun as this?

Or this?

or even this?



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