Spontaneous Purchases & Why I Run

This week has been full of spontaneous purchases for me. The most amusing being a registration for the Strawberry Plains 10-k this Saturday.

At the time of sign-up (Monday morning to be exact) I’m fairly certain the sun was shining, the temperature was hovering around the low 50’s and I had just gotten back from a weekend where temperatures were dancing up into the 60’s. Pseudo-Spring was in the air, and I was feeling good. A quick check of the weather for the weekend confirmed my assumption that the warm weather would continue and I would be enjoying a delightful morning run come Saturday. Perfect – Sign me up!

Funny thing it is, weather. It has a tendency to change drastically on a whim and as the week progressed, much to my dismay, this happened:

Why yes, that is a low of 18 accompanied by a sprinkling of snowflakes! The local news sites are abuzz with “Return of the Winter weather” and of course nothing makes me want to drag my body out of a warm fluffy bed early on a Saturday than scattered snow flurries! (I hope you can recognize sarcasm when you read it.)

It must be noted, as I usually get the “But you’re from the North, you should be used to this weather” inquiry that yes, I know my roots lie in the snow covered tundra of Western NY – but 18 degrees is just as cold there as it is in TN. That, and I absolutely despise being cold – which I am most of the time.

Even as a write this post, I question why I am still determined to do this race. I mean, worst case I’m out 30 bucks – not a big deal.  So it got me to thinking, why exactly DO I run? Why do I run with such a determination that I actually PAY to put myself in these situations?

I could lie and say that I run to stay in shape – and I suppose do, a little bit. I could also say, I love to race because I love the t-shirts – which I also do. But if I really ask myself honestly, I know with 100% certainty that I run  so I can eat like this:

President of the Clean Plate Club!

And than follow with this:

Notice the single fork...I don't share well.

And than feel completely guilt free because, in my mind, I’m just “fueling up” for my next long run. It really is a perfect relationship. However, if you don’t hear from me Monday, someone please send a rescue team out to Strawberry Plains to search for a frozen heap on the side of the road. Thanks in advance!

Additional spontaneous purchases for me this week include these bad boys:

Valentine’s Day is coming up…

I’m hopping on the colored jeans bandwagon with gusto. Barbie Pink…Yup. (Pictures of me actually in these will follow – amusement for all no doubt.)

(Side note for all you Knoxville readers: The foodie pictures above were taken at Restaurant Linderhof – one of my favorite restaurants in the city. If you have the opportunity, go immediately. It is absolutely delicious and completely revolutionized my perception of German food.)


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