10 Things I’ve Learned as a Runner

Well, the Academy Awards were fairly predictable  but still fun. As a women, I am not ashamed to admit that 90% my loyalties lie in watching the Oscars for the dresses. personal favorites include Gwyneth Paltrow (sans cape), Octavia Spencer, Maria Menounos, Rose Byrne, and Milla Jovovich:

Pretty Dresses...

Also, Knoxville Restaurant Week is off to a great start! Our meal last night at Chez Liberty was phenomenal and I’m pretty excited for tonight’s offering at Bistro at the Bijou. As promised, there will be a full report coming – until then, I’ll be unbuckling my belt a few notches each day…

Teaser pic...

Between dinner last night (FIVE courses with wine pairings) and the extravagant Oscar viewing party I attended, my week is off to a gluttonous start that will be continuing through Saturday. As a result, I am attempting to counteract all these lavish meals by eating sparingly beforehand and quite literally working my ass off so as not to develop a bigger one as the extra treats roll in.

Including, but not limited to, calories from Oscar statues made of rice krispy treats...

Therefore, in an effort to negate the excessive culinary delights, this blog will be delving deeper into my experiences as a runner. I’ve mentioned why I started running and why I continue to run, what I haven’t mentioned are some of the things I’ve learned along the way…

10 things I’ve learned as a runner

  1. Good shoes are important and can make all the difference. Take the time to go to a specialty store and get fitted. Also be aware that they will cost you about the same as a sweet pair of super sexy pumps you’ve been eyeing…you’ll get more use out of the sneakers but it still hurts.

    My fancy kicks

  2. Having a four-legged running buddy can be the best encouragement. The excitement in Bella’s eyes when I lace up my shoes and grab her leash is contagious. Also, telling her how good she’s doing mid-run is only half for her – the other half is for me.

    Getting her stretch on before a run

  3. The coldest/rainiest/snowiest days can turn into some of the best runs. Let’s not forget my snowy 10-k a few weeks back.
  4. It’s OK to stop and walk for a hot second.
  5. Cramps blow. Bananas help.
  6. Switch up your routes. A change in scenery can make the time fly by.
  7. Sometimes a girl’s just gotta spit and/or blow a snot rocket. Just don’t do it into the wind…
  8. Motivation can come in the form of an adorable lululemon running skirt. If you look good you feel good amiright?

    Sassy running skirt

  9. Always dress for 20 degrees hotter than the current temperature. I don’t care if its 40 out and your shivering, dress like its 60 and you won’t overheat a mile into your run.
  10. There are few better feelings in the world than a hot shower after a cold run, an ice bath after a long hot run (ice is your friend), and crossing the finish line at a race – no matter how short or long.

Happy Monday everyone! (oxymoron?)


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