Three Funny Things and a Northern List

Some funny things happened yesterday…

The first being that I went for my run in a skirt and short sleeved shirt. Yes, it was an outdoor run. Yes, it is still February. And yes, I was still pretty damn hot (I’m talking sweaty hot as, let me assure you, there is nothing sexy hot about me when I run…)

The second was, I tried my hand at a Green Monster Smoothie. Per Pinterest, it SHOULD have looked like this:

Compliments of

What it really looked like, was this:

No photo retouching here folks...that was the actual color. GROSS!

The smoothie debacle ended on a high note though, as it actually was pretty tasty. I just put it in one of those traveling coffee mugs so I didn’t have to look at it…AND I got a serving and a half of spinach. Score!

Finally, as I headed downtown for dinner (restaurant week is getting exhausting I tell you) I saw this:

A Dogwood IN FULL BLOOM! Did I mention its still February? Have I also mentioned how, even after 6 years down here I am STILL not used to such mild weather during the two coldest months of the year? Seriously, current weather in Jamestown is bleak at best.

Yuck, this is more gross than my smoothie

Now, I am pretty excited about Spring quite literally being right around the corner, but even after my time down here, there are still things I miss about the North…And as Monday had a top 10 list, Wednesday shall as well! (I’m feeling so inspired!)

10 Things I miss about The North

  1. The skiing…I’ve gone to some of the ski “resorts” down here and learned two things: a. People should never ski in jeans, carharts, or camouflage hunting garb and b. refrain from using actual lab goggles as ski goggles. I’ve seen it. It’s as ridiculous as it sounds.
  2. The tea. Don’t get me wrong, sweet tea is delicious. But sometimes I don’t want the 300 calories or cavity that accompanies it. Give me some regular unsweetened iced tea any day.
  3. The snow. Yes I covet the early springs of the South, but around the holidays, I want some festive snow on the ground damn it!
  4. The food. Everyone has those restaurants from their home town that they adore. I have a few, though mainly I miss Johnny’s

    Cheeseburger w/sauce, fries w/sauce & cheese, rice pudding, chocolate shake...ohmygod

  5. Chautauqua Lake. There are several lakes down here that I frequent, but the water gets pretty hot in the summer and they are man-made…not nearly the same.
  6. The Summers. Yeah the South gets Spring sooner…but they also get a LOT hotter in the summer. I’m talking that humid sticky-ness that actually weighs on you. Not the more mild warmth of New England.
  7. The driving.  I miss being where it is mutually acceptable to flip some bozo the bird and lay on the horn if he or she swerves into your lane.
  8. The grammar. I would say about 90% of people I run into are perfectly fine when it comes to basic grammatical skills. the other 10%, well they are special…
  9. Tim Horton’s. I don’t include Timmy Ho’s with food, because it’s so much more than that. Far better than Dunkin’ Donut’s.


  10. And finally, my family and friends – obviously. Its not always about the food.

Now please do not take this as a representation that  I don’t like anything about the South. I absolutely do, and its top 10 list will come. But I’m a New England-er at heart and even though my accent will fade (boo…) that never will.

Hope y’all have a happy Leap/Hump Day 😉

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