13.1 Guide to My First Half Marathon

So far, I think one of my favorite things about running a half marathon  is the hard, coma-like sleep that comes afterward. Seriously, if you are having any insomnia problems, may I suggest going and running 13+ miles? It’ll knock you right out. … Continue reading

Culinary Explicit Material

Please, pardon my crass title (it was formerly the far more crass “Food Porn”) but I could not compose a title that more aptly illustrated my weekend experience at an event  so wondrously gluttonous,  I insisted on photographing it all … Continue reading

A Decidedly Knoxvillian Weekend

Have you ever had one of those glorious weekends where it seems that all the stars align to create a perfect balance of everything that a great weekend should be? Perfect weather, fun activities, wonderful friends – all characteristics of … Continue reading