Biscuit Fest!

Happy Good Friday to everyone! If you are lucky enough to have the day off, well then I’m jealous. Quick Easter related side note – I found these little guys at a gas station in VA over the weekend:

I didn’t quite know what to do with myself – how have I not known about these? I really enjoy it when people get the great ideas to smother already fantastic things in chocolate.

Moving on…

Here in the South, folks take their biscuits seriously. Whether served plain with butter & honey, smothered in a rich sausage gravy, or stuffed with a tender piece of fried chicken, the art of the biscuit is not something to be taken lightly.

As a Northerner, my experience with biscuits was limited to what KFC dished out with my extra crispy meal. Not that those are anything to turn your nose up at – slather some strawberry jam on those suckers and you have yourself a pretty tasty treat. However, that’s usually where my affiliation with biscuits ceased.

Fast forward 22 years, and there I was – thrown in a world where Paula Dean was at the height of her buttery popularity and the biscuit reigned supreme as the ideal breakfast food. My first few years here were spent in awe as fellow students coveted their chick-fil-a biscuits on their way to classes, ordered biscuits and gravy by the bagful and McDonald’s, and every gas station had an assortment of chicken/ham/sausage biscuits warming under heat lamps. Paula Dean fever has since died down a bit, but the biscuit options, I assure you, have not. It’s pretty hard not to find a place in this town that doesn’t boast some sort of biscuit concoction on their breakfast or brunch menu.

Three years ago, Knoxville become a Mecca for biscuit lovers everywhere by hosting the International Biscuit Festival – An annual affair celebrating all things biscuit. The 2 day festival includes activities such as a biscuit breakfast & brunch, biscuit bazaar, biscuit boulevard and even a Miss and Mr. Biscuit pageant. Oh yeah…a pageant for biscuit people.

What I am most excited for though, is the Biscuit Bake-Off. Essentially, you create an original biscuit recipe, submit it, and hopefully get chosen to compete in the bake-off and win some sweet prizes. This  assignment has left  my kitchen covered in a fine layer of flour for days now and you can bet  that this Sassy Swan is entering several Sassy Biscuit options in hopes of taking home the grand prize biscuit (or whatever it is).

Madness will ensue and I’ll be sure to keep you posted. Until then, a preview of one of the recipes I’ve been working on:

Three batches, and several tweaks later and we have a winne

I hope everyone has a wonderful, peep-filled, chocolate smothered, Easter. I’m pretty excited for Monday though, I can finally have my beloved ice cream back!


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