237 Miles

Rumor has it that this sassy girl will be running her first half marathon this weekend. 13.1 glorious miles of non-stop running with 25,000 of my closest friends. I’m as excited as I am nervous, but not because I don’t think I can do this – I know I can (how’s that for an affirmation?). I’m nervous due to the fact that when I envision myself crossing the finish line, I’m not entirely sure I’ll feel all that accomplished.

I am a firm believer that anything you put your hard work and passion into should  strictly be to better yourself or the world around you. I’m running this 1/2 to show myself that I can do something I quite honestly never thought I could do, not to break any records, and certainly not to impress  anyone.

Unfortunately, halfway through my training, I was surprised to develop feelings that what I was doing was not really all that special. It’s only a half marathon after all, and somewhere between distance run 7 and 9, 13.1 miles began to feel fairly mediocre.

Then I began going through my training calendar, my mapmyrun workouts, and my previous blog posts. Training for this has been a giant part of my life for the past 4 months. an entire 3rd  of my 2012 proverbial pie has been dedicated to strengthening my ability to run from 2 miles to 11 miles, marked by a 13.1 mile finale this Saturday.

By the end of this week, I will have logged approximately 237 miles on my fancy shoes. Two hundred and thirty-seven miles (numbers seem far bigger when you write them out). This is a distance further than Knoxville to Nashville, or even Atlanta – and I ran that. 237 miles of iced knees and blistered feet, sore muscles and dehydration induced headaches, hot runs, cold runs, rainy runs, and snowy runs – all of that for this race – so I can cross that finish line, earn my medal and prove to myself that I can kick my own ass into gear and accomplish a once inconceivable goal.

Please, like you can say that word and not think of The Princess Bride.

If this were all that easy, everyone would do it. Well I’m here to vouch that it is not easy. it is hard, painful, annoying, and honestly, quite intimidating. There’s a reason there are countless methods dedicated solely to assisting one reach their various running goals – because it’s a pretty big deal. Whether you are running 1 mile or 100 – you should be proud of what you’ve done, and how damn hard you worked to get there.

I have hopes of completing at least one more half this Spring, and am contemplating training for a full marathon in Autumn. But for right now, this week, and for this day – 13.1 miles is impressive…to me. And that’s really all that matters.

7 thoughts on “237 Miles

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