Cuatro de Mayo


As I am currently en route to Louisville for the Kentucky Oaks races this afternoon, this post is going to be short and sweet, much life myself and hopefully your workday!

With all this Derby madness going on, I somehow managed to completely overlook the fact that it’s also Cinco de Mayo this weekend!

Funny story: Two years ago, I found myself living’ la vida loca down in Mexico on May 5th. Turns out, this beloved holiday is far more beloved in the states rather than south of the border.

As I drunkenly paraded through the side streets of Cozumel, toasting various locals with my $1 Corona, I couldn’t help but notice that I seemed to be the only one celebrating. A nice bartender took pity on the blonde gringo in front of him, and explained that they don’t really celebrate Cinco de Mayo in Mexico much, if at all. The look of devastation on my face must have been apparent as he then offered me a condolence shot of tequila to turn my frown upside down and sure enough, I was at peace again.


Although this experience did not dampen my spirit, it did slightly diminish the value of future Cinco de Mayo fiestas. I suppose once you’ve celebrated in Mexico, you’ve peaked anyway.

I considered concocting some sort of margarita/corona/tequila nonsense (tequila worm cookies?) but honestly, I ran out of time. Derby planning is a time consuming, tedious endeavor (outfit/hat coordination consuming the brunt of my free time).

But here’s a list of fun Cinco De Mayo recipes I snagged off Pinterest in case you are feeling particularly inspired this weekend:




And for all you horse betters out there, I’m open to suggestions. My money’s on I’ll Have Another & Daddy Long Legs – yes because I like those names best… Judge away.

Have a wonderful and safe weekend everyone!


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