Derby Roundup

For as as long as I can remember, my gambling methods of choice have developed from the “cross your fingers and hope for the best” school of thought. Typically, I bet on favored color combos, gut instincts, and the ever popular: names I like best. Typically inefficient,  this method actually proved to be quite accurate to me this weekend.

Let’s back track a bit shall we? Not only did I manage to win our Oaks & Derby tickets via a Facebook contest (really?), I also managed to utilize my superb gambling skills and correctly bet on the winning horses for each respective race. That’s right, I successfully put $2 to win on horses named ‘Believe You Can’ and ‘I’ll Have Another’, which ironically is probably very similar to what I said to J as the Mint Julep cart went by…

Big money right here…

Don’t fret though folks, I won’t be giving up the blogging business anytime soon. My grand total in winnings added up to somewhere around $50 bucks. This is enough to buy 4 juleps (with tip) and put a $2 bet on another horse. So although I didn’t come back with my pockets overflowing with the Benjamins as I’d hoped, I did come back with some pretty fun bragging rights.

Derby weekend is a time consuming experience that leaves few sober hours to venture out into Louisville  to explore. This time, as we arrived a day early, we managed to enjoy 2 wonderful dinners. Captain’s Quarters Riverside Grille was an expansive restaurant on the banks of the Ohio River. Seriously, it was huge! with several patio levels all around the property and the views were perfect. As a result of having a great location, sometimes restaurants like this serve sub-par food so I was pleasantly surprised when my food was really quite delicious.  I ordered a cup of clam chowder and the fish tacos and J received the Buffalo Chicken quesadilla.

Our after-Derby dinner was at a place called Asiatique. Thankfully, our host had made reservations for us as post-Derby dinner seats are hard to come by. The menu was prix fixe and after a day of sipping cocktails in the sun, a 4 course meal was excitedly welcomed. I started with a salad course, then an appetizer of crab and goat cheese spring rolls (so good), an entree of seared diver scallops and grilled shrimp (even better), and a sampler of creme brulee for desert.

Everything was perfectly cooked and scrumptious – made even more so by the fact that I was absolutely ravenous. I’d recommended either of these two restaurants to anyone visiting Louisville.

Now, for what I’m sure you’ve all been waiting for, event pictures…

Kentucky Oaks

Kentucky Derby

I hope everyone had as lucky a weekend as I did! Cheers!

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