Pinterest Made Me Do It

Happy Wednesday!

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Moving on, I’ve noticed lately that a significant amount of things I cook or make are coming from Pinterest. This Pinterest phenomenon is taking over my life – In an ‘I enjoy spending the majority of my free time pinning perfectly wonderful things’ kind of way. I’m not ashamed. Check out some of these delicious things I’ve made just from The big P:

Every Sunday, I write down my meals for the week (on a meal board idea I snagged of Pinterest of course) and go to town with recipes I’ve re-pinned all week. I love this because it adds all kinds of  new recipes to my repertoire that I would have never thought of, and J gets the benefit of being my test audience.

I would say that 95% of what I try works out wonderfully. The other 5%? That involved a sad run in with an attempt at making cauliflower pizza crust…

Sometimes I noticed trends on Pinterest – something I see re-pinned over and over, maybe in different forms but utilizing the same base. Most notable to me have been overnight oats and quinoa.

I can honestly say I have never heard of quinoa before Pinterest.  This is mildly unfortunate as quinoa is a vertible super food – an illusive complete protein, chock full of lysine,  magnesium, folate, and phosphorus – it’s actually most closely related to spinach. It looks like little seeds although is not technically considered a grain:

Appetizing right? Well turns out, it really is! After splurging on some quinoa at the grocery store (it’s kind of pricey so keep your eyes peeled for sales or coupons) I found this recipe from Once Upon a Chef that incorporated flavors I knew J would like, without turning him off of  the really healthy meal I informed him he would be eating.

Delicious plate of quinoa-y delight!

The quinoa itself had absorbed the flavors of the broth, making it a nutty, slightly crunchy spoonful of hearty goodness. After throwing in the rest of the ingredients, it honestly became a meal in itself

Side-notes: For the quinoa, I used canned corn instead of grilled, and chicken broth rather than vegetable  and it was perfect. Also, that stunning display of fishy business next to the salad? That’s another tasty treat of Pinterest from How Sweet It Is: Citrus crusted tilapia with orange salsa, recipe here . Try it I tell you – it’s worth it.

The other notable Pinterest trend that I finally got around to trying is overnight oats. These are exactly what you think they are – oats, that sit overnight. The reason it took me so long to try this is it calls for non-instant oats and of course my cupboards were full of the quick-cook kind as I’m sure yours are as well.

Either way, I picked up some organic oats and set to making a pretty large batch using this base recipe from Pepper Lynn. Most recipes I’ve found calls for chai seeds – which is awesome. I love chai. What is not awesome is the exorbitant price of said seeds. So rather then drop 10 smackers on some seeds, I went without. Yeah, yeah I hear those bad boys are what really makes the overnight oats, and I’ll grudgingly buy them someday – but until then, my overnight oats are chai-seedless.

Again, super appetizing right? Well in this case as well as the last – they actually are. I’m a huge fan of tarty stuff (see my rhubarb pie recipe) and the base of this is plain Greek yogurt. My fave! I also threw in a banana and 2 tablespoons of PB2 and this made a really substantial breakfast that lasted through the morning. Highly recommended to jump on this train folks – they are super easy and the mix-in options are endless.

Anyone else out there notice big Pinterest trends? Something new and fun I should try? I’d love to hear about ’em!

Have a great and wonderful day – and don’t forget to follow @thesassyswan on twitter!


5 thoughts on “Pinterest Made Me Do It

  1. Love me some quinoa and love me some pinning of recipes! It’s how I track everything I want to cook now!!!

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