The Great Marathon Debate

If you haven’t noticed lately, the majority of my blog posts have been focused around food, various travel adventures, food, recipes for food, and more food. Running has taken a backseat during this month, and that’s OK with me for the moment. I say moment because come June 1st, I plan on making my comeback to the world of running. There’s only so much food you can enjoy without guilt before it starts to catch up to you – literally and figuratively. All food and no running makes Kate unbutton the top of her jeans.

I am currently at odds with myself with regards to committing to a full marathon. It’s kind of funny as it’s not because I don’t think I can do it – I just find it to be bad timing. Say I sign up for a full that will take place in October. This means at least 3 months of hard training. The three preceding months to October are July, August,  & September. July & August in East Tennessee is no joke. It’s hot, yes, but it’s also humid. Humidity that sucks the air out of you when you first step outside, kinks your hair into oblivion, and wraps around you like a blanket until, blissfully, you are back in the A/C sticking your face in the freezer.

86% Humidity? Really? It’s not even 8AM!

September in East Tennessee is also not a joke although some may think it is after seeing my beloved Volunteer’s performance these past few years – but regardless, it’s football time. The holiest of times for all tailgating fanatics where Saturday’s are strictly reserved for football once season starts, no questions asked. This leads me to wonder how I’m going to have the discipline to drink moderately on Saturday, so come Sunday, I don’t feel like death and can actually do my long runs.

The latter problem seems like a commitment issue. Ridiculous really, I can’t give up a couple Big Orange beers so I can reach a significant lifetime milestone?

But honestly folks, if you’ve ever been in the South for an SEC football game, hopefully you know where I’m coming from. If you don’t, I apologize, but you don’t know what you’re missing so do yourself a favor and come down for a visit.

Okay, okay…So I will suck up the football part. It’s not ideal but I presume it will be far more interesting to tell people I ran a marathon during the fall of 2012 rather than relive the time I got wasted at Neyland Stadium and fell down the bleachers.

The heat though, this is still a problem. Being the studious person that I am – I began to research, and the beginning results were frightening: “Heat can kill you” says one article, the words ‘heat exhaustion’ & ‘heat stroke’ run rampant, and by now I’m thoroughly terrified. It is possible – it just takes some pretty hard-core commitment. No more lunch-time or after work runs. We’re talking 4 am’ers or midnights. Myself and the treadmill may have to become buddies after all (I shudder to think…), and maybe, just maybe, I’ll have to succumb to my hatred of those hideous water belts and rock one myself – but I really hope not.


In the next two days I will have my marathon decided, and hopefully and training calender created so I can begin my heat-riddled journey with all of you. Any thoughts regarding hot runs, good marathons, and the Volunteer’s potential shot at a National Championship (well maybe not that) are welcomed.

Happy Hump Day!


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