1/2 Marathon a Month Project

Who remembers my ode to National Potato Chip Day? Or the great, National Doughnut Day that was just a few day ago (of which I absolutely took the time to stuff  my face with a greasy circle of fluffy, sprinkle laden dough thankyouverymuch). Oh America, with all your patriotic National (insert deliciously bad food her) Days – how I love thee.

Nothin’ to see here folks, just doing my American duty in some totally rad sunglasses.

Although I would love to inform all of you that today is National Peanut Butter Day round 2 (and oh what a joy that would be), today is actually one that does not condone a mass consumption of gastronomical waste. Today, my friends, is National Running Day.

Yup, a whole 24 hours dedicated to the art that is running. For some, it’s a passion. Others, a stress reliever. I’ve made it no secret that the reason I pound the pavement is so I can eat like this, this, and this and still fit into my clothes the next day.

This day also brings on an opportunity to reflect. Yes, I run for the baked good, the luscious Italian food, and the 5 course meals. But there’s a bit more to it then that… Allow me to elaborate:

Since running my first half marathon at the end of April, I cut way back on my running. I wanted to chill out for a bit, but unfortunately that ‘bit’ turned into a month. I ran a small amount – but nothing in comparison to what I was doing.  Although this sounds disheartening, it’s actually been somewhat motivational for me. I’ve had the opportunity to see how my body  reacted to the change as well as the effects that running has on me both when I do it, and when I don’t

I’ve mostly noticed the following:

  • My motivation is inversely proportional to how much I’ve been running. The days after the half, all I wanted to do was get more runs in – by the end of the month, after several weeks of mediocre miles, my desire to lace up slid from incessant to virtually non-existent.
  • I’m far more stressed. I’ve always been rather high strung, but it reached new heights this month. My runs are time for reflection: I plan my day, my meals, my outfits, I think about work, family &  friends, all while someone reads a book to me. It’s therapeutic. And suddenly it wasn’t there anymore. Nothing’s worse then a gal with too many pent up thoughts. Just ask poor J.
  • No more food binges allowed. Boo, hiss. Those are my faves.

As such, I’ve put an obscene amount of time into deciding about my marathon options – and I’ve reached a decision (I think). I will not be running a marathon…this Fall. I cannot fathom myself having the motivation to train all summer long during the heat and humidity that the South is famous for. That and the football thing… BUT I will be running. In fact, I’ve decided to run another half. Every month. Until my marathon (fingers crossed) in the Spring. I call it my Half Marathon A Month Project. Original, eh? I figured this way, I will be able to keep myself in check and be ready to begin my full marathon training come autumn and I get to browse around looking for fun half marathons to participate in.  Don’t believe me? Well guess what, haters? I’ve already signed up for two!

This one in Knoxville at the end of the month, and…

This one in VA Beach in September. So you can kiss my ass,  lazy month of May – this Sassy Swan is back in action!

Sidenote – half marathons are surpringly difficult to come by in the South around July and August so for the mean time, I’m working on it, haters. If you have any suggestions please let me know…

Moral of this post? It’s National Running Day! 10 feet, 10 miles, it don’t matta’ folks. Get off your hiney’s and go run for a hot second. Work some of that that Doughnut Day cholesterol out of your arteries because tomorrow just happens to be National Chocolate Ice Cream Day…I shit you not.


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