Monday’s suck. Moving on…

I’ve had a pretty eventful few days beginning Thursday night. I just sent J off to Bonnaroo and decided to go with a friend out for dinner…which then turned into drinks…followed by desert…leading to more drinks at a private party a friend had invited me to. Of course there was this relentless photographer hovering around and as I have zero tolerance for the paparazzi, I spent my night avoiding him. Finally these two HUGE fans (they’re always your biggest fans) approached us and just HAD to take their picture. As I am a slave to my craft, I obliged and the picture actually turned out very nice:

I guess when you are as famous as I, this kind of stuff just comes with the territory…

Seriously though, Kristen Bell is the cutest damn thing I have ever seen (have you seen the sloth video??) and as I am embarrassingly obsessed with Gossip Girl (of which she does the voice-over for) I was pretty excited we had the opportunity to meet her as well as her fiance, Dax Shepard, while they were in town promoting their new film Hit & Run.

Aside from my brush with stardom on Thursday, a very good friend of mine obtained passes to Bonnaroo and was sweet enough to invite me to go along with her.

A word on Bonnaroo – If you have not heard of it, Bonnaroo is a 4-day long music festival set amid a huge plot of farmland in Manchester, TN. This isn’t your small town music fest though, we’re talking huge artists (even huger than me): Kings of Leon, Jay-Z, Stevie Wonder, Dave Matthews Band, Eminem, Black Keys, The Strokes, Arcade Fire, Florence and the Machine, & Buffalo Springfield are among just some of the acts I’ve seen here.

Although the acts are great, the sleeping arrangements are not. You park your car, get roughly 10 feet behind your car to ‘set up camp’ and that is where you live for the next 4 days. There’s no electricity, you can buy a cold shower for 5 bucks, nothing but porta-potties for miles, and you are a slave to the weather – rain or shine, you are stuck in the middle of a farm.

If this is your sort of thing, or you are privileged enough to obtain a coveted RV, the situation isn’t all that bad. My first year there, I tolerated the dirt and grime pretty well for such a princess. But last year I reached my breaking point and vowed that I would not be attending this year. Unless of course a friend offered my guest passes and we would only be going for the day. Yay! A chance to be a hippie for a day!

Myself, Julianna, and Natalie being hipsters!

Bonnaroo is centered around the music – various stages dot the land and artists from all different genres play quite literally all day and night. But this year, as I was only coming for the day, I decided to make my main focus the food. An eclectic mix of any kind of food you would want catering to the vegan hipsters to the meat hungry cave men. I suppose when you are stuck somewhere for 4 days, you’re going to want some variety.

Either way, I made it a point to try all different kinds of food during my brief visit and I can assure you I stuffed my face with the finest the ‘Roo has to offer. I present you with Bonnafood:

My food samples consisted of, a smoothie, (I started off clean), cheese smothered curly fries, a slice of cheese pizza bigger than my head, funnel cake (obviously) an arepa (more on that in  moment), sweet potato fries, Coffee Caramel Buzz ice cream (B&J’s does a flavor for Bonnaroo every year and it was delish this year) assorted micro-brews from the beer tent, and a delightful bowl of Pad Thai. Num.

My favorite was definitely the Arepa. It’s two sweet corn cake patty things with a slice of mozzarella cheese sandwiched in the middle. For 5 smackers, it was by far the tastiest and least expensive fare I found. My new goal is to figure out how to make this handheld creation of goodness. Anyone out there have a clue?

I promise you, there was music to be heard. I managed to catch The Punch Brothers, Temper Trap, Dispatch, and ended the night with The Red Hot Chili Peppers:

Not much to see but the Peppers are in there somewhere

9 thoughts on “Bonnafood

  1. I love the Arepa! No idea what it was called but I remember having that and I pretty sure it was at Bonnaroo….yummm…..foggy memories…..

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