27 Resolutions

Another birthday has come and gone, leaving me one year older and a blood sugar level putting me in well above hypoglycemic range. Me and the cupcakes, we’ve got a special thing going.

Either way, I spent some time reflecting yesterday and decided that birthdays are a more personal form of News Years Day. It’s the beginning of your new year – the start of another chapter in your life – why not make some resolutions to go along with it? And so I did. 27 of ’em. Some are serious, some are ridiculous, but all are things I want to accomplish during my new year – So happy new year to me!

  1. Stop eating out so much. Seriously, I’m a pretty decent cook. There’s no reason I/we need to be eating out anymore than 2 or 3 times a week (that includes lunch)

    Wearing funny hats makes cooking far more enjoyable

  2. Run a marathon. Ugh.
  3. Run a half marathon in under 2 hours.

    So close, yet so far.

  4. Run more in general. I’ve definitely fallen off the wagon in this department.
  5. While I’m at it, throw in some more strength training as well.
  6. In fact, maybe I should start going to the gym more and taking advantage of the free classes they offer.
  7. Eat better (see #1). It’s becomes more  difficult to eat well if you don’t know exactly what you are eating.
  8. Drink more water.
  9. Update the blog. Life gets in the way of the The Sassy Swan at times, and for that I apologize.
  10. Wear more sunscreen. I suppose I need to start worrying about pre-mature aging and stuff like that…

    Just protecting myself from the sun’s evil rays!

  11. Listen more, talk less.
  12. Lay off the Iphone. I lost my phone once – it was the best/worst day of my life.
  13. Get a good camera and start taking fancy pictures. I can’t ween off my phone if I’m hauling it out to take pictures all the time.
  14. Spend more time with family. Life is precious and you never know what can happen.

    This means you guys!!

  15. Pay off my credit card. Far fetched, but doable.
  16. Be better with money in general. Can’t live on love!

    Broke Swan

  17. Try a Tri. A little swim, bike, run never hurt anyone!
  18. Travel more. “Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind.” – Seneca
  19. Finish Atlas Shrugged & Anna Karenina – those damn books are LONG
  20. Hang curtains in my apartment. Going on two year and still no curtains. Sexy.
  21. Make more friends. This is not because I am friendless – but my uncanny ability to become close with people who ultimately leave Knoxville is starting to worry me.
  22. Keep my car cleaner – Lord knows I paid enough for it.
  23. Attempt to be more patient with people (this should be fun)
  24. Stop honking my horn so much (this should also be fun)
  25. Donate blood more – someone out there needs it more than me
  26. Go to church more (forgive me…)
  27. Spend more time with the dogs. They need extra lovin’ too

    Aren’t they special?

So there ya have it. 27 resolutions for Kate’s 27th year. Let’s see how this goes…

Anyone else out there make any birthday resolutions? I’d love to hear ’em!


One thought on “27 Resolutions

  1. Hmm…didn’t think about making resolutions for my birthday but I like the idea! Maybe I will do one today. Being a history major with an emphasis on classic civilizations, I love the Seneca quote. Good list.

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