Worst Run Ever

This could be a touch on the dramatic side…but then again, maybe not for those with similar experiences. Yesterday I officially had my worst run ever. The run that beats you down and forces you to question why you even run in the first place. Looking at the factors involved with said run, I was screwed from the beginning:

Rather than waking up early while it was still cool, I overslept and headed out around 10:30. Rookie mistake in the summer heat. Not only was it fairly cloudless, but the temperature was already above 80 – and only going up from there. I even debated about running in just a bra and these fancy new shorty shorts I recently purchased, but in the end felt it best to throw on a tank. A black one no less…seriously, what is wrong with me?

Also, I had taken it upon myself to do a 5 miler the day before after not running for a week. This, I can only assume, did not assist with my already depleted energy levels. I packed no shots, gels, or goos but thankfully brought my little water bottle filled with Gatorade, just in case – my saving grace.

So I headed out…things are all fine and dandy (albeit sweltering) until about mile 3 1/2. Then I get tired. And hot. And then hotter. I’m feeling kind of dizzy. I sip on some previously icy Gatorade which has rendered into a lukewarm lemon-lime syrup.

I think to how ridiculous this is. I’ve barely gone 4 miles and I’ve already stopped to rest. I start back up and almost immediately begin to feel dizzy again. So I stop, again. And it goes on like this for the next 5 miles, I run about a mile, stop for about a minute, and continue. My original plans to run 10 miles are steadily shrinking down to 9, 8 1/2, 8…

By the time I finally get back home, I’m soaked. I can barely move and I’m pissed. I yell at my dog for barking (how dare she?). I take off my shoes, chuck them across the room and  peel off my waterlogged socks to reveal several new blisters (obviously).  I stand over the sink splashing cold water in my face and look indignantly in the mirror at myself and my lack of endurance.

Then I start to thinking…I just ran. In 90 degree heat – I ran. Through 8 tedious, miserable miles – I ran. I ran through the fatigue, the cramps, the stinging eyes, and the burning muscles. And I begin to not care that it wasn’t a “good run”, it was a run. And the worst run ever is still better than no run at all.


2 thoughts on “Worst Run Ever

  1. Just had this happen about a week ago…heat tends to make you its bitch. At least you are able to see that the fact you didn’t turn around and walk home is the most important part, nice job!

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