The Bod Pod

Growing up, especially through my teenage years, I was pretty proud of my metabolism. I was known to polish off entire Big New Yorker pizzas (bring ’em back Pizza Hut!), gobble down half a value menu from Burger King, and eat – constantly – without gaining weight. I was a freak I tell you.

So. Good.

Of course, following college, said eating habits produced very different results and I was forced, for the first time in my life, to actually watch what I ate. Oh, the horror!

So when I came across an article the other day in ‘Footnotes’ (the bimonthly Knoxville Track Club magazine)  on metabolism, I was curious to learn more. (I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that you, reader, have a basic understanding of what metabolism is, thereby forgoing  a thorough explanation.)

The article discussed  how our body’s metabolic rate changes over time and is based on several different factors such as age, body mass, and heredity. As a result, its fairly difficult to get an accurate RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate) estimate by simply punching in some number in a program (Your RMR is the daily amount of calories your body burns doing its basic functions. This does not include ANY form of exercise or movement – think laying in bed like a slug all day).

I’ve previously mentioned how I utilize My Fitness Pal to track my food and calories and of course my given caloric intake is based on what the program believes my RMR to be.  So I was curious to know what my RMR really was and if MFP was at all accurate.

Lucky for me, this article listed a place in Knoxville where you could go and get your Body Composition tested and a fairly accurate RMR read. Meet, the Bod Pod:

The Bod Pod is located inside the Eddie’s Health Shoppe, a store out in West Knoxville  that carries a plethora of items ranging from athletic & nutritional supplements to organic health food items. This is actually where I buy my PB2.

Following a 2 hour fast of no food or drink, you strip down to your skives (in my case some shorts and a sports bra), put on a very fashionable swim cap, and go sit in the pod where you look like your about to take off into the depths of outer space while a computer clicks away, analyzing your fabulous self. The whole shebang took maybe 10 minutes.

Your cost to be a Pod Person includes 2 consultations with Eddie Raymond (owner and fitness expert) to go over your numbers, talk about nutrition, and your goals for the future as well as a follow up bod pod read to see how your body has changed. It was actually quite interesting and have no fear, I’ll be going over my goals newly improved diet & exercise regiment with you guys in another post but at the risk of boring you to hell – I’ll just bare my soul and let you take a look at my printout:

My little ol’ body burns 1,141 calories on its own. Good for you, body!

If you are looking for a great way to kick-off some new fitness or weight loss goals, I highly recommend a visit to the Health Shoppe’s Bod Pod.

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