Winning the Run

Did someone say winner? Look no further than this chick:

Basking in the sweet taste of victory

Sure, it was my namesake & made-up marathon, and I may have been the only one running it – which I suppose could also mean I came in last, however I like to see myself as a glass half full kind of girl – but whatever. I also beat the course record,  so any haters can suck on that too.

Seriously though, I had a blast this weekend. After waking J up far too early for his liking, we trudged downtown with his bike in tow and I started my run around 7:40. Not too shabby or hot for that matter. Of course, now a days, I consider anything below 80 to be mildly cool.

Either way, when we drove around like fools a few nights ago measuring out distances, I decided I wanted to run around downtown for a few reasons: 1 – it’s fairly flat, 2 – the scenery. I don’t know about you guys, but if I have something nice to look at, it tends to make me forget all about whatever aches, pains, and fatigue I may be dealing with.

Also, since I was familiar with and enjoyed the route we took for the Tour De Rocky Top, I decided to incorporate part of that into the run as well. So, as with the bike ride, we started at Barley’s.

Clearly thrilled to be having my picture taken right now…

And I was off!

Over the Gay Street Bridge…

And into…not the best area of town, where I passed a few sheisty bars (Vols & Beer??) and some surprisingly friendly hobos.

After a few miles along the river, I looped back around, over the bridge and down along the other side of the river passing by Neyland Stadium, Thompson Boiling Arena, and the University Flower Gardens. No pictures here unfortunately, as I was actually on a designated running path and J, being on his fancy road bike, was on the road speeding around, occasionally coming to my aid to offer me Gatorade and words of encouragement. That boy, I tell you…

I circled back around and finished right near the stadium with a personal worst time of 02:15:37. I attribute my sub-par time to the fact that I had to stop twice for at least 2 minutes – once to pee and once to tie and re-tie my shoes. Oh and water breaks. But who cares, really? I just ran my third 1/2 marathon and 13.1 miles is still 13.1 miles whether or not it’s a legit “racing event” or not. It is, however, not legit if you don’t get a medal. So J got creative and presented me with this upon my completion:

Best medal ever!!

Oh yeah, be jealous because not only am I the only person in the world to have an authentic Sassy Swan half marathon medal, I also have a man friend who is amazing enough to make on for me.

I then proceeded to spend the reminder of my day getting drunk on a boat. Fantastic weekend if I do say so myself.

Happy Monday!


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