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Just to stir things up a bit, let’s talk Chik-fil-A*.

I kid! I’m exhausted from the media coverage, irritated by my Facebook news feed being clogged with nothing but CFA rants, and quite frankly, dumbfounded that this is still such a hot topic.

Although I will try not to use my blog as a platform for my political or religious beliefs, I do believe that Chick-fil-A makes a pretty tasty sandwich (and seriously, have you tried one of their peach milkshakes?). I also believe that big businesses should generally keep their affiliations mum for the sake of a PR nightmare such as this. And finally, as an uprooted Northerner Living in the South, I believe that if I boycotted every restaurant or food chain based below the Mason Dixon Line that supported or opposed issues that may or may not necessarily match my own – I would starve.

So that being, said let’s move on to more engaging topics, such as my new fangled diet. Ick, I hate the word diet – it eludes that I’m huddled in a corner eating celery stalks all crazy-eyed. Let’s be clear – I am not. In fact, I don’t even think I’ve had celery since last week as an accompaniment to my chicken wings. Either way, so I start this new food regime (ah, much better) and I’m all “Wahoo, I am mighty, and strong, and I’m going to go running like 5 times this week…blah blah blah” and then I get a sick. Two days into this thing and my body is literally rejecting the fact that I’ve given up sweets for a hot second. I know it’s just a simple cold that is sidelining me for a few days, but I can’t help but think a cupcake may cure all that ails me…

Hey there cupcake! You’ll do!

And as this whole post is pretty much a jumbled mess of all the current happenings in my fairly uneventful life at the moment, let’s talk about my next half. It is August after all, and although I am tempted to continue inventing my own races – because that was pretty freakin’ fun – for the sake of J’s sanity, I will not. Allow me to introduce you to…

The Area 13.1 Half Marathon!!

This is so damn fun. So, it’s held in Roswell, GA (get it? Roswell??) and it’s actually a night race (because aliens NEVER come out in the day, or something).  So here’s hoping it will be slightly cooler then my previous two halfs. This race actually sold out the day I went to register (obviously) and so after much Facebook finagling, I found a participant trying to sell their number and got in. Winner! Oh my gosh, I’m so excited about this race – I mean we get glow in the dark bracelet thingies to wear while running! It’s like a rave – but for runners! I’m going to have to download some sweet techno for this one.

I also think I may need to lay off the cold medicine for a bit…

Hope everyone has a happy Friday and a wonderful weekend!


*Chick-fil-A picture from Washington Post


2 thoughts on “Hot Topics

  1. “I’m so excited about this race – I mean we get glow in the dark bracelet thingies to wear while running! It’s like a rave – but for runners!”

    This does not compute for me…HA…all joking aside, sounds fun!

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