Sappy Swan

Brace yourselves – this will probably be the sweetest post I will ever write.

3 years ago today…

…I went on my very first date with J. An al fresco dinner at Nama followed by a movie – A Perfect Getaway. It was perfectly bad, but we didn’t care.  He had to go back to law school about a week later – this relationship was impractical from the start. We made it work.

…I did not kiss him because I really, really liked this one.

…I met someone that brings out the best in me. Someone who challenges, encourages, and supports me.

…I found a  partner that will put up with my extensive shenanigans – the true sign of a keeper.

…I met a guy who loves me enough to sharpie up a fake medal for me.

3 year ago today, I found my other half.

Love you J – Here’s to 3 wonderful years.

3 thoughts on “Sappy Swan

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