Area 13.1 Half Marathon

As I sit here and try and attempt some witty remark about aliens to coincide with today’s post, I find myself coming up blank save for the shrill voice of E.T. telling Elliot to “Beeee Goooodddd”. So I’m just going to go with that.

And I was good! Crossing the finish line around 8:45 PM, shortly after the sun set.

This race was a lot of fun, and thinking back, signing up for a half marathon in August – in Georgia – could have gone terribly wrong.  Thankfully, the skies were slightly overcast, the temperature wasn’t nearly as high as it could have been (like, in the 100’s) and the humidity, although bad, can always be worse.

There were about 2100 participants

and the course was gloriously flat (think only about a 50 elevation climb throughout). I saw runners with their hair painted green, one guy wearing only a speedo and a swim cap (channeling Michael Phelps perhaps, although I don’t really understand why) and my favorite – two guys with tinfoil hats on a la Abigail Breslin in Signs.

This race was different then my others as it had an evening start time, which left me an entire day to accrue and sustain as much energy as possible. We did not leave for Atlanta until around noon and I ate 3 very small carb-loaded meals before race time: A bowl of steel cut oats with fruit, a fruit smoothie and a whole wheat bagel, and half a banana with a kids cliff bar.

This combo of sugar and carbs left me energetic through the run and for the first half, I was doing “goooooddddd”. See, look:

Here I am around mile 6 – looking like a fool.

Mile nine though, ohhhh mile nine. You sucked – through no fault of your own, I suppose, but if you had a water station, you would have been a lot cooler (literally and figuratively). At this point in the race, I started to have inappropriate fantasies about an icy cup of water. I kept hoping around every bend I would start seeing cups littering the ground indicating an aid station was near.  Unfortunately, this mile stretched on for what seemed like hours until finally, as if lit by the heavens (or high powered portable lighting) the mile 10 aid station came into view where they had not only water, but icy towels and a cooler of bottled water, which I snagged for the remaining three miles.

I ate a shot block and waited for some sort of energy to kick back in as I struggled mentally with myself to not stop and walk (fighting with yourself is the worst) and I didn’t. I was “goooooddd” and right before I crossed the finish line, J took this picture of me that is actually rather creepy so I’d though I’d share:

I look like I just stepped off the mother-ship.

I managed to evade aliens in a time of  2:07:53 – exactly one minute faster than my June Half time. Considering my lack of significant training as of late, I consider this a success. I was 452 out of roughly 2100 participants, and 32 out of 136 in my age group. Not too shabby…In fact, pretty “goooodddd”. (I’m done, I promise).

Third race of my half marathon a month project, done.

I’m holding up three fingers, or at least attempting to. I was delirious and look like I’m doing some sort of gang sign…I am not. But take a look at that fantastic medal!

I’d like thank J, for standing around for 2 hours & taking pictures,  as well as all the volunteers who were both helpful and noticeably enthusiastic throughout this well-organized race.


3 thoughts on “Area 13.1 Half Marathon

  1. That is a pretty terrible gang sign…and your mile 6 picture is glorious. I can’t believe they didn’t have a station at every mile marker, that stinks but way to stick it out and nice time!

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