Tailgate Friday: Crock Pot Chicken Tacos

Another Friday is upon us. Another weekend filled with crisp (ish) autumn weather, leaf-spotting:  and oh yes…football. Sadly the Volunteers are away this weekend (to beat the Bulldogs at Georgia) so although I will not be legitimately tailgating down at … Continue reading

Pancake Bites

Feeling inspired from my weekend cupcake bonanza and pushed over the edge by the discovery that today is National Pancake Day (I’m such a sucker for the themed food days…), I decided to try my hand at some pancake muffins. … Continue reading

Mountain Air

I often take for granted the proximate advantages of living in East Tennessee. I can spend the morning floating on the lake and be in the middle of the mountains in the afternoon. Hell, I can see the mountains from … Continue reading

Tailgate Friday: Orange Crushcakes

So here’s the scoop: My Vols are playing Florida in less than 48 hours and I am like a tween in line for a Twilight flick. I am pumped. The sold out crowd of ticket holders are pumped. Hell, ESPN … Continue reading

Leibster Fun

Nothing makes my heart smile more than when people tell me they read my blog. Scratch that. When people tell me they read my blog – expressing that they actually  like  it – well that just makes me melt. And … Continue reading

Tailgate Friday: Checkerboard Cookies

The holiest of all the holy times has befallen East Tennessee. Welcome to football season. The time of year when it’s acceptable, if not necessary, to bedeck yourself (and pets) in road-cone orange, declare to the world that you get … Continue reading