Rock ‘n’ Roll Virginia Beach 1/2

I wasted no time getting my September half out of the way.

Last Friday, I packed J up and we headed North to Virginia Beach for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Virginia Beach 1/2 marathon, but mostly to hang out with this girl:

Allow me to introduce you to my very best friend, S. We’ve been friends since pre-school following a shared desire to repeatedly flash our underwear to the crowd of proud parents during our graduation ceremony (pre-school, not high school…) And I mean if that’s not a solid base for eternal friendship, I don’t know what is.

I’ve decided to start something new with my race round-ups (since I still have 7 more to go) so I’ve developed a list of questions I will answer following each one. I think this will be fun to look back on and compare, AND if give me some sort of structure to these post-race reviews instead of just blabbing on an on.

Race: Rock’n’Roll Virginia Beach Half Marathon

Date & Time: September 2nd, 2012 @ 7:00 AM

Weather: 80-ish with 80% humidity. Yup. 80% humidity. FML

Race Time: 2:10:32

Best Mile: Surprisingly, mile 12 – I was at my fastest and felt the best then

Worst Mile: Also surprisingly, mile 1-3. This was due to aforementioned humidity, lack of breeze, and all-around exhaustion. I didn’t have any coffee that morning and I was yawning all the way up to the starting line.

Fuel: Before the race, I had my Kid’s Clif Bar, and half a banana. During, I had a Vanilla Gu at mile 9 and wanted to yack – I hate those things.

How did I feel: In the beginning, this was by far the most difficult race, mentally, that I have every experienced. The humidity was blanketing me, I lost one of my headphone covers around mile 3, and I had to use everything I had to block out the bad thoughts and quit. After I got over that initial bump though, things began to pick up and physically, I was comfortable. No cramps, aches or pains.

Best part of the race (besides the finish): Turning the corner on the last mile to run along this:

The Captain America Popsicle I snagged at the finish line, and being able to meet up with these jokers on the beach at the end:

S & Me, S & her hubby, J2. It’s a sheer mystery how S manages to look that good after running 13 miles but some people are just blessed like that…I sadly, am not.

Worst part of the race: The humidity – it was the root cause for so many issues including my overzealous insistence to pour water over my head at each water stop. By the end of mile 11, my shoes were absolutely soaked through. (cue squishy squashy noise with each step)

Weirdest thing I saw: For some reason, the course led us through Camp Pendleton Military Reservation – Think basic training compound or what you think something like that would look like. It was very odd scenery.


Final Thoughts (a  la Jerry Springer):

The race was fun, mostly because of the company and the scenic finishing miles. Following the run, I headed straight down to the ocean to soak my feet (which  became a whole body soak-age when a rogue wave attacked me):

It was pretty awesome to be able to go stand in the Atlantic after a run and be one with the earth and all that hippy dippy shit. Whatever, it was pretty calming, Ok? Unfortunately, sand likes to stick onto particularly sticky things (such as my sweat-covered self) so I was swiping sand off until I was able to hop in the shower back at S’s. It doesn’t matter though, because I was able to spend a long weekend with some time with some of my favorite people and throw a race in there to boot. Also, I was pretty proud of myself that I managed to mentally talk myself through a tough point in a run and still finish with a half-way decent time.

As my summer running comes to a finish (next race is the middle of October), I am grateful for some cooler weather and look forward to some better times – maybe even a fancy new PR (fingers crossed).


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