Falling off the wagon

Once upon a time, there was a sassy Northern girl who decided she was going to take on the wonderful world of running. Starting in the beginning of 2012, she ran her way through 4 months of training and completed her first half marathon in April. During that time, she got pretty serious about what she put in her body. Granted, significant training warrants an equally significant increase in calories per day, but they were good, healthy calories. Alcohol was limited, “splurge” meals were few and far between and met with a grueling workout the following day, and the pounds melted away. All 5 of them.

Upon completion of her first half, she gave her self a well deserved break. Not wanting to lose all that she had trained for, this sassy girl decided to sign up for a half marathon a month for a whole year in order to maintain her endurance and keep her in check.

Well as it turns out, if she ran sporadically, and ensured that the week before a race she completed a long run, she was A. Okay to tackle 13.1 miles.

What she didn’t do was keep up with a structured regiment. What she also didn’t do was decrease her food consumption in correlation with her decrease in activity.  So when her clothes began to feel a bit tighter, and her elastic-waist sweatpants became her BFF she knew she was in trouble. Hello again you pesky 5 pounds – we meet again.

Moral of the story? I fell off the proverbial wagon. Although am still in decent enough shape to easily get up, dust myself off, and hop back on it without a significant overhaul, I still fell and that kind of sucks.

Let’s look at the reasoning behind my shortcomings:

1. Summertime. It’s so damn hot. Even in the early mornings. Running in the heat takes a far bigger toll then running in, say, a blizzard and I wasn’t having it.

2. Summertime. It’s synonymous with lazy days, BBQs, and delicious frozen drinks that come in coconuts. No time for running when there are daiquiris to be had!

3. Otis Spunkmeyer S’more Cookies.

My kryptonite. I can’t even bring these in the house anymore I get so out of control.

4. Lazy. Alright, alright, I get it. I’m lazy. It was only supposed to be ONE month! One month of lackadaisical running and mediocre dieting. But then birthdays, boat days, and beaches got in the way and that one month quickly turned into three and here we are…

Now, don’t think I forgot about my Bod Pod experience a month ago. My plan was to actually gain weight by putting on muscle, training 5 days a week and becoming an all around Super Swan. Well, I did manage to gain the weight so I guess it wasn’t a complete failure, right?

Ugh, so wrong. I was instructed to eat 6 small meals a day to keep my metabolism up and blah blah blah…well small meals actually means small, not normal sized. Oops.

So here I am. After a particularly cringeworthy binge weekend involving deep fried Oreos: (yeah, I’m that girl) I decided to stop being a fat kid,  knock this crap off and go find my wagon. Let’s see what happens.

Current weight (I can’t believe I’m doing this): 124.5*

Goal weight: 120

Goal after Goal weight: 123 (of muscle not deep-fried Oreo nonsense)

*Before I receive any critical responses for my current weight, yes I know I am not fat. But I am short, and I am a runner, and I can tell you based on the roll that is currently flopping over the waistband of my too-skinny jeans that it is not muscle. So although 124 + is not, by any means, the mark of an obese person, my race times are not going to go down if I am jiggling through the finish line.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some celery sticks to go munch on.
Happy Monday!

3 thoughts on “Falling off the wagon

  1. Hey, I am 6’3″ 175 lbs and in marathon training and I completely identify with this entire post…my curse is cupcakes and beer. I don’t particularly want to lose weight but I want the layer of jiggle to go away! I know that it is probably more of a lack of core work than diet but I am sure the diet isn’t helping. Good luck in your quest!

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