You lose some…

It should come as no surprise that I spent the majority of my weekend in extraordinarily optimistic football mode. Clad in my finest orange ensembles, I skipped around Knoxville with a glimmer in my eye ready to blog all about my beloved Volunteers big HUGE win over the Florida Gators this weekend. And then they lost.

Prior to this disaster, I had a wonderful weekend which began at J’s office tailgating party: Yes, I have orange pants. Yes J has an orange belt and bowtie. Yes we are super dorks. Go Vols. Oh and please take note of the creeper in the background. Weirdo.

Oodles of Vol fans bedecked in their finest orange-wear belting out Rocky Top  every 15 minutes and stuffing their faces with tasty BBQ. A southern tailgate at it’s finest.

By the time game day came around, I was like a kid on Christmas morning. Up early to run various errands which included a trip the liquor store for morning mimosas. My friend JW came in from Charleston to participate in the festivities and by noon we were deep into some tasty and appropriate Orange Crush cocktails.

New dress for the occasion? Totally warranted.

We meandered around campus, checking out tailgates, admiring the throngs of people and the sea of orange. Everyone was optimistic and borderline euphoric as it seemed the stars were aligned: The weather was perfect, the crowd was sold-out, and soon our ranking would go up and four season’s of mediocre if not disappointing football would be behind us.

We filed into the stadium all smiles and good cheer as we watched UT’s band do their thing:

Kick-off came, and the Vols were on point – pulling a lead halfway through the 3rd quarter, and then it all went downhill. The team lost it’s motivation, the crowd lost their momentum, and a stadium filled with over 102,000 people fell silent.

It was a heartbreaking 4th quarter to say the least.

You win some, you lose some I suppose, but the losses are felt even harder when the thought of losing didn’t even cross your mind. I could literally hear Knoxville’s fervor deflating at the clocked ticked down.

Such is life. But I’ve come to realize that although a winning game is the icing on the cake, the real fun lies in the tailgating. Spending time with friends, eating wonderful food, and getting a nice buzz under the shade of Neyland Stadium is one of the greatest feelings of Fall.

And I know one guy who was a winner that day…

Happy Monday, Kiddos and hey, at least the Bills won 🙂


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