Cupcakes in the Park

“I’m so excited that it’s FINALLY Monday!” – said no one ever.

This weekend flew by entirely too fast (they always do) and this one was particularly enjoyable. Why, you ask? Well allow me to show you what was bedecking the light posts of downtown Knoxville on Saturday… That’s right. There was a cupcake festival this Saturday that somehow escaped my radar. Good thing J is spectacular when it comes to planning adventures and he surprised me by escorting me to a small park smack dab in the middle of Knoxville that was hosting “Cupcakes in the Park”.

Cupcakes this way!

CITP is Knoxville’s first cupcake festival (why it took this long, I know not) with proceeds benefiting the Kent C. Withers Family Crisis Center. Twenty local bakeries contributed their delights and for five bucks you picked five mini cupcakes to taste of which you then voted for your favorite. It was so  hard to choose! Since J and I are oh-so-tricky, we ensured that we each got different cupcakes so we could spread our cupcake taste-testing out over ten. That’s right – ten mini cupcakes were stuffed into my face this fair morning and I was in pure sugar induced heaven. Why yes, two are topped with bacon pieces. And that orange-y one on my lap is sprinkled with home-made marshmallows. And there is enough frosting in my lap to take a bath in and I kind of want to. Don’t tell anyone.

In an effort to take things slowly, J and I dug in by category. We grouped the similar flavors together to decide which was the best by comparison. Such flavors included apple spice, caramel apple, pumpkin spice, pear pistachio and sweet potato. Then we went on to to two maple-bacon cupcakes, followed by the chocolate and peanut butter flavors.

Cupcake Taster Extraordinaire right there

I wish I had gotten better descriptions of each cupcake because they were so much more decadent then I am making them sound. The “chocolate” one I am referring to was actually a bourbon pecan-less pie drizzled with caramel and chocolate panache. The sweet potato one was actually “roasted local sweet potatoes cake with a toasted pecan marshmallow fluff center topped with a caramel Italian butter cream and toasted housemade marshmallows”. This one was made by one of my favorite local restaurants, Chez Liberty and I assure you that little two-bite cupcake was the winner in my book.

J’s favorite? The ‘Fall Morning Cupcake” from Sweetpies Bakery: A moist pancake flavored cake soaked with a maple reduction, frosted with pure maple buttercream and topped with sweet candied bacon. This little bugger tasted like an entire pancake breakfast stuffed into a single bite of awesome. It was so Delicious.

In the end, the winning bakery was Sugarbuzz Bakers. I’m a bad cupcake fanatic and have no idea what the cupcake was or if we even tried it. I hope we did and I’m sure it was fantastic. J’s top choice ended up receiving 1st runner up and my choice got 2nd runner up. If only we could pick out horses at the Derby like we can cupcake winners we’d be golden.

And yes, in case you were wondering, my Vols secured another W this weekend. Between the cupcakes, the beautiful weather, and the football game I couldn’t have asked for a more wonderful day. And since my mouth is watering and I’m already feeling nostalgic for the weekend, I shall leave you with this:


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