Upcoming Race Fun

With the recent onslaught of all things autumn related, I’ve seriously neglected my running. But that’s to be expected right? I mean there is football to be watched and all kinds of delicious pumpkin treats to eat. Who wants to go for a run when there’s pumpkin donuts to me made??

I am my own worst enemy at times and I will be the first to tell you that my motivation is below average at best. Funny thing though, these half marathons I signed up for are only looming above my head with their impending dates and I obviously need to start getting my ass in check.

So first things first. I have officially registered for all of my half marathons through January 2013. They are as follows:

October: Overcome 13.1 – Cleveland, TN (yes, there are other Clevelands in the world…)

Just so you know, this is the symbol listed on the website, so if this actually says ‘poop’ or something, I apologize.

This race was impromptu as I was originally registered for a half up in Dayton Ohio. Due to some travel debacles I decided to stick to one closer to home. It’s about an hour away, touts a “fast” course (which is always helpful) as well as “the best medals around”. I’ll be the judge of that. It’ll be hard to beat this bad boy.

November: Secret City Half Marathon – Oak Ridge, TN 

Secret City? Yup, Oak Ridge was chosen back in the 40’s as the production site for materials involved in the Manhanttan Project, which in turn produced the Atomic Bomb and, well, you know what happened next. Anyway, it’s another flat course, about 20 minutes away from my apartment, and right before Thanksgiving so I can not feel too bad about gorging on turkey later in the week.

December: Santa Hustle – Sevierville, TN

This one should be fun. It involves a free Santa hat, beard, and  dri-fit shirt to wear while running. There’s cookies on the course along and accompanying Christmas music. Ho ho ho indeed.

January: Charleston Half Marathon – Charleston, SC

Ha, I’m out of my Tennessee race rut! I signed up for this race about 3 days after I left Charleston in June. This is another flat course (it is on the coast and all), you run through some beautiful and historic sites, AND there’s shrimp & grits and beer when you finish. Also, I get to see this gal:

You’ll notice that 3 of the 4 are within driving distance of K-Town (that’s Knoxville for all you non-Southern folk). Due to the holidays and what not, I figured it would be best for everyone involved (mostly J) if I stayed close to home.

Yes, I still intend to do a full marathon and I’m shooting for one in April. This will give me a good 3 months of prep time if I begin in January. It makes me nervous just thinking about it… Who willingly pays to run over 26 miles? That’s more running then I do in 2 weeks now-a-days.

But for these now-a-days, until my full marathon training begins, I will be taking it easy. Keeping my endurance up with these halfs (halves?) and enjoying the holiday’s and all the delicious food they entail.

If anyone is running any of these races, let me know! You know how I feel about running with people, but I promise I’m actually social outside of a race route.


12 thoughts on “Upcoming Race Fun

  1. Haha! Being originally from Cleveland, OH, I got a good laugh out of your Cleveland, TN comment.

    That Santa Husstle looks like a good race too! I’m looking for a good winter half to do and that one looks promising. Thanks for posting!

  2. Hey Elyse! I actually grew up about 3 hours north of (the real) Cleveland, so when I found out there was one down here, it was quite unfathomable. You mention Cleveland the the locals and they automatically assume you are talking about the TN one. Weirdos.

    Oh you should totally do it! Cookies during the race AND a Santa beard? I mean really…

  3. Congrats on signing up for a full! The Charleston in January is my (one AND only) full marathon- I hope we get to meet while we are both there! I was hoping there was a half around Knoxville on Nov 10, as I will be in town for the Missouri game. Sadly, it looks like we will be running on the greenway in Maryville. Maybe in circles 🙂 Good luck with the halves, that sounds like a cool plan to follow by signing up for one a month. I admire your spirit! Go Vols 🙂

  4. Man, that looks like a fun race schedule…err…at least as fun as running 13.1 miles can be. I do like the idea of the Santa Hustle but Christmas music gets on my last nerve since they start playing it at the groceries stores before Thanksgiving!

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