Goth kid lion meat

Due to the glorious fact that it is Friday, I have decided to amuse you.

Now, I know Halloween is not until next Wednesday…But we all know any parties to be had are happening this weekend. As a result, I know a few of you slackers are scrambling for costumes and are in need of a few last minute ideas.

Well it just so happens, I am queen of last minute Halloween costume decisions. With the exception of last year, J and I have managed to coordinate award-winning costumes mere hours before a party.

I’m not saying they are pretty, but they are pretty original, pretty cheap, and I think we did a damn good job.

2009: Goth Kids

This one is still my favorite. Why? Because if you know me, or J at all or even just through pictures, you know we are both as blonde as they come.  We are also moderately preppy so this was a complete 180 for us. This costume was so extreme that J’s own friends didn’t recognize us when we showed up to the party.

I raided the local Ross for “rocker/gothy” clothes. You can’t see it, but I’ve got a pleated, plaid mini-skirt on and knee high black leather boots. J’s actually wearing a pair of girls skinny jeans. We made that delightful sad-face shirt of his using some fabric paint. Accessories include dog colors, slit wrists wrapped in gauze, black nail polish, eyeliner & lipstick, as well as some strategically placed faux lip and nose rings. (fun note – J wore his nose ring the next day to brunch and almost gave his mom a heart attack)

2010: Butcher and piece of meat

Spare me the  comments here guys, I am aware of the degrading metaphor of this costume – but it was so easy!

I went to the Wal-mart, bought some paper brown Kraft paper, drew up a meat label (Grade A Top Choice!), and tied myself up with some twine. I happened to have some old red temporary hair dye so I dipped my tips in for some additional effect. J’s wearing an apron, jeans, wife beater splattered with fake blood and carrying around a meat cleaver. Done and Done. Please note that I am $500.00 a pound – pretty pricy.

2011: Lion and tamer

Ok this one I actually planned a few weeks ahead of time, and recruited my mom to create a lion costume for me (yes, I’m 26 and still have my mom make my costumes…) But anyone can throw together a cat costume together on a whim. The real key here, is a good tamer. J found that striking red jacket at a thrift store, and tucked a pair of black pants into a pair of boots. We managed to snag a legit leather top hat and whip from J’s parents and I used eyeliner for a snazzy mustache.

It should be noted that when I commissioned my mom about the costume, I specifically told her “slutty lion”. As a result, I received the least slutty costume possible with the exception of a full body suit. Joke was on me.

I will actually be recycling my super slutty lion outfit for half  this weekend. We’ll see how far I can run in a headpiece and a tail attached to my ass.

As for this year’s costume…you’ll just have to wait and see 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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