I Heart Running

I am 100% certain that daylight savings time could not have come at a better, well, time. Firstly,  I nursing a horrendous hangover from Friday night so the extra added hour of sleep Saturday evening had me feeling like I was resurrected from my zombie-like state Sunday morning. And secondly, it created daylight in the hours of which I wake during the week.

I know for a fact that I am not the only one who finds it inhumane to rise out of bed before the sun has come up. That, and I may have some sort of disorder that physically doe snot allow my body to do so unless under extreme conditions.

We’ve had this talk before, and I’m sure anyone attempting to stick to some sort of fitness regiment knows exactly where I’m coming from – Unless your workout is done in the morning, it becomes increasingly more difficult to commit to one throughout the day. A vicious cycle of “I’ll do it during lunch…I’ll do it after work…I’ll do it after dinner…Oh shit, I guess I’ll do it tomorrow”. This becomes even more of a burden when you have a full-time office job as well as a part-time retail job (during crazy holiday season hours).

So when your alarm goes off, and the sun isn’t yet up, and your bed is so warm – you better believe my desire to lace up my kicks is virtually nil. Not gonna happen. Not now, not neva.

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Now, however, it’s no longer an excuse. Now – the sun begins to peak through my window blinds at a reasonable time of around 6:45 and I can wake without feeling like I am losing my mind! And although it’s far chillier once you step out the door, the cool air is blissful once your body warms up and for that reason – Autumn runs are glorious.


I’ve been trying to get myself  in a motivated mental state for my next half in two weeks. I have plans to run another PR and wanted to try to figure out what worked in my last race. So while reminiscing of my October Half a few weeks ago, I realized that aside from the extraordinary flat course, this was the first half marathon I’ve run where the temperature was below 75. (Head Slap) Of course! That is why I did so well. My first half marathon was a fluke that involved unseasonably warm temperatures for April as well as a cloudless sky and humidity. Obviously May through September below the Mason Dixon is inevitably going to be warm and so a cooler October day was just what my body needed to push me to do better.

It’s not news that it sucks to run in the heat. It’s actually quite miserable and unless you are having a love affair with a treadmill, your options are limited. But if you’ve been considering taking up running, now is the time. Early morning runs are feasible, temperatures are perfect, and there are plenty of runs to choose from.

I’m not going to shove running down your throat, but this time of year helps me to realize why I enjoy running in the first place. So anyone who has been considering taking it up, or at least trying it out for size, I encourage you to start now. Hell, sign up for a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving and burn a few pumpkin pie calories long before dinner. I promise you, you will relish this time of year and by this time in 2013, be glad that you started.

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