I Hate Running

What? You say my Monday post was all about how “I Heart Running“? Funny…I don’t really recall…

Ok, I do recall. It’s not like there’s not an online record of the shit I write – but my bipolar tendencies are overtaking me. I love it/I hate it who the hell knows. What I do know is that my run today sucked ass. I mean we are talking some serious suckage here.

Did I fall? Did I get mugged? Thankfully, no. I simply had the worst run possible without something seriously bad actually happening. Let’s walk (or run – ha ha) through this, shall we?

First – I took the Bella. When the weather gets cooler, I enjoy taking my dogs on some of my runs for a few reasons. One is that the sheer joy in her face when I ask her if she wants to go outside quite literally makes my heart hurt. The other is because she’s really good at keeping the weirdos away.

Oh, God! I’m so happy!!

Second – I went during my lunch break. This allowed me a solid 5 hours to anticipate/dread the upcoming run. This is usually the kiss of death for anyone with ambitious lunch-time plans.

Third – I didn’t stretch. I was low on time (see point 2) and I wanted to get going. Run in the house, throw on my Brooks and head back out the door, dog in tow.

So off we went, just me and my pup, running along minding our business when said dog had to take care of her business. 3 times. In the first 10th of a mile. Believe me when I say that my dog was literally full of shit. Let me tell you, first hand,that it severely hinders your ability to “get in the zone” when your shoulder is damn near dislocated by the cinder block attached to the leash your grasping suddenly stops to take a crap without you knowing. 3 times. 3 damn times. Is that even normal?

Times Three

But whatever, I took her with me, and better in the neighbors lawn (shhh) then in my living room.

Mile 2 brought a stitch. Mile 3 brought several creepy horn honkers (yes sir, she is a silver lab…now let’s keep it moving). Mile 4 brought a stupid hill that made my legs hurt. Mile 5 brought that stupid stitch back. Mile 6 brought a dog that was ready to call it quits and was now being pulled rather than pulling me, and Mile 7 brought a limp due to an achy knee and a weird tendon thing.

Now here I am. Sore. Cranky. The aforementioned circumstances lead to what can only be described as the most shit-tastic run ever. And yet, as soon as I had finished I immediately felt better. No, not completely because I had stopped running, but because I had done it. Because I ran through all that crap and got done what needed to get done.

It’s funny, this running thing: There’s days that are good, and days that are bad, but the end result is always going to be the same – you’re going to be glad you did it. So suck it up and go run. Run through the crap (literally and figuratively), run through the hills, and run through the pain. Then smile – you’re such a badass.

3 thoughts on “I Hate Running

  1. People who LOVE running are f’ing weirdos. I mean, don’t get me wrong, sometimes its enjoyable but I have NEVER loved it. If there comes a time when it doesn’t feel like a task then I may consider recanting this statement but as of right now it is still something that I have to do versus want to do. That being said, like you I appreciate the feeling of accomplishment every time I walk in the door because it would have been much easier to sit on my ass or sleep in and there is something to be said about people who do what is best for themselves even when they don’t want to. So we are indeed badasses.

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