First World Problem

Ready for a huge, life-changing,  affirmation? Here we go: Sometimes, shit doesn’t work out. There you have it. My Wednesday morning gift to you.

Me? Hot-n-Bothered? Never…But maybe we should start at the beginning…

So there I was in the shower, suddsing up my hair when I started thinking about all the fun stuff that’s happening in January. I’ve got a big ski trip to Utah, a little Sundance Film Festival action, followed by a…half marathon… in Charleston.

When was it again? I’m pretty sure it’s on a Sunday…I get back on Friday…plenty of time…IF it starts on Sunday…Which I’m pretty sure it does…I’m going to have to check on that…

So out of the shower I hopped, dripping wet, clutching a towel around me while my dog licked the residual water off of my legs (I really need to keep more water in her bowl). Straight to the computer, Google, race website…

Oh hell.

Race starts promptly at 8 am SATURDAY morning. This renders it damn near impossible for me to get to this race as I land in Nashville at 10 (central time) and would have to quite literally drive all night to get to Charleston by 8 in the morning.

Spare me the “first world problem’ crap and hear me out.  This race was specifically chosen due to the proximity of my good friend J. Not to mention I’ve already registered. I know that in the grand scheme of things, in a world where people are starving, and Sandy victims are still trying to rebuild, this is not something I should be so distressed about – but I am. So much so, I spend the majority of the day yesterday searching, stressing, and analyzing every possible option I have to work around this so called problem.

People, myself included, fail to realize how time consuming and expensive running half marathons (and full marathons for that matter) can be. You want to sign up early to get the best prices or to avoid a sell out but often underestimate that things come up, and a registration is not necessarily a guarantee that you will be running. Although it would be convenient if all of my races took place in Knoxville, it would also be mundane and deny me the chance to explore different parts of the country.

Like the ocean at the finish line…

By the end of the day, as I trudged my way to my car, I started to seriously reconsider my issue. This Half Marathon a Month Project was supposed to be a fun fitness goal and it was turning into something that was more of a pain than anything. I had become so engulfed with how I was going to fix the problem that I was losing perspective of why I was even doing this in the first place.

So I took a deep breath and rather than trying to rearrange flights, actually consider driving all night and running a race with no sleep, and sacrificing both mine and J’s precious time together, I threw up my arms and said screw it. There are options – few, yes, but there are other races I can possibly run in January. And if I can’t, I’ll run two in February. I will figure it out, but I’m certainly not going to be wasting another second stressing about it.

One possible option…

My half on Sunday will mark my 6th race during this project – the halfway mark. I need to be focusing on running the best race I can that day, not the race I may or may not be running in two months.  So until then, I’m going to play it by ear and I’ll keep you guys posted – but right now I’ve got a new PR I’m chasing after.


5 thoughts on “First World Problem

  1. F running in the face…but seriously, I am so with you about trying to plan them early to save cash and then realizing that it is not going to work with your schedule…blows. Back to the positives, Utah for a week, I’d be damned if someone asked me to sacrifice a day on the hill for a running event! Anyway, good luck this weekend…whats the goal? Sub 2 hours, I can’t remember?

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