(Mostly) Thankful Things – Part II

In less than one week we will all be gathering ’round a table full of family and friends prepping our minds and bellies for the intense gluttony we are about to partake in. Thanksgiving is almost here!

Thanksgiving marks the one time of year where my mom hunts down a fantastic picture of me in my construction paper pilgrim hat that I lovingly pasted together around 2nd grade. I was quite the puritan. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately), I do not have the picture to post on here – this was, in fact, back in the day when actual film was in a camera rather than a memory card – but it always helps me to remember why we celebrate Thanksgiving in the first place.

Print found here

Thanksgiving also marks the official beginning of the holiday season. Every single year for the past 7 years, I vow to myself that I will not work on Black Friday,after all,  working two jobs during the holidays is tough enough on its own, let alone on the “biggest shopping day of the year”. And every Black Friday, I end up working, an ungodly shift that literally sucks the life out of me by the time I clock out. So why do I do it? Well, that’s a question that’s up there with the riddle of the Spinx. Who the hell knows. I guess a part of me actually enjoys instilling a little holiday spirit on weary patrons. Also, the extra monetary benefits aren’t anything to sneer at.

Either way, this is one thing that I am not thankful for: My, get ready for this, 1 AM to 10 AM shift the morning of Black Friday. Yup. I will be there All. Night. Long. Whose jealous of 9 straight hours of infused with crazy shoppers and  unremitting holiday music? Nobody, that’s who.

BUT this is not a post about what I am unthankful for, but rather part 2 of what I am (see part 1 here). So here we go:

Thankful Things Part II

12. I am thankful that I actually have a job, two in fact, despite my whining. I know that many people are not as lucky and that is something, especially in this economy, that I refuse to take for granted.

13. I am thankful that I didn’t get a cold before my race on Sunday (knock on wood). I can’t count how many people at both my jobs have been sick, all sneezy and coming far to close for comfort. I was convinced that a cold was coming to ward off my hopes of a new PR but thankfully, oh so thankfully, I am a happy, healthy Swan for the moment.

14. Months of prep work paid off on Monday when I was able to purchase 4 Kentucky Derby tickets. Not only did this require I sign up for a special club to get access to early ticketing 9 months before the actual event, but I also had to wait in a virtual line for over a half an hour to get access to what few tickets were available. But I am an aggressive online shopper and J & I along with S & J (from VA beach) will be gracing Churchill Downs this May to drunkenly wager money we don’t have on horses that will probably not win. I can’t wait.

15. I’m thankful I have a dog that let’s me draw unibrows on her for amusement.

16. I am thankful for alcohol. A necessity when dealing with large family functions.

17. I am thankful that the Twilight Saga is (finally) over.

18. I’m thankful for this awesome cookbook my mom gave to me. Copyright 1963. There is some legit stuff in here.

19. I know I’ve already said this, but there’s no harm in being thankful for something twice. I am thankful to J, who tolerated my craziness on Tuesday when I found out about the Charleston race. This guy deserves a medal.

20. This is silly, yes, but I am thankful for the pumpkin roll I made yesterday for J’s office luncheon that actually turned out (to see the sad fate of another roll I attempted, click here). Little accomplishments can make my day.

21. I am super thankful for all the kind people in the world that return lost phones. I am such a flake sometimes when it comes to my electronics and I, sadly, can’t count the times I’ve left my phone somewhere only to have a kind soul return it. In my book, iPhone returners deserve a sainthood.

22.  I have met some wonderful people through The Sassy Swan and the encouragement I’ve received from complete strangers continues to amaze me. I love writing this blog and I love that people actually read it so for you, dear readers, I am thankful.

Happy Friday! I’ll be back on Monday with  Secret City Half Marathon race recap!

2 thoughts on “(Mostly) Thankful Things – Part II

  1. #15 and #16…amazing! #21…if I found an iPhone, I would like to think I would turn it in but I can’t guarantee it…I mean, if it was still on and someone was messaging it then yeah…but let’s say the service was turned off…would I walk it over to a lost and found…NO.

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