“Say Yes…”

I am a liar.

A few months back, I told you guys – in fact I guaranteed you guys – that this post would be the sappiest post I will ever write. Well, I lied. Because this post will, by far, supersede that post in terms of “aw” factor and tear jerker-ness.

You see, Sunday was a good day for me. I owned my half marathon that morning and was on top of the world upon finishing with a new PR and crushing my goal of making it under 2 hours. Turns out, Sunday November 18th would also be the day that I got engaged.

Yup, this Sassy Swan is getting herself hitched.

Turns out, when you get engaged (for all you folks that have yet to experience it), everyone wants to know three things: How he (or she, I’m not sexist) proposed, what the ring looks like, and when the wedding will be. Lucky for you, I’m here to share all the dirty details. So if you are looking for a post on running, or a good recipe, please look around the blog because this post will not be it. I figure I have a small window of time where my readers will tolerate engagement and wedding banter so I’m taking advantage of it while I can. Let us begin…

How He Did It

Let’s begin the story on Saturday – A beautiful late autumn day and not a cloud in the sky. I specifically informed J that I wanted to spend my Saturday on the sofa watching football with him. I wanted to keep my legs well rested and focus on kicking my half marathon’s ass. Every guy’s dream, right? Well not J’s… He wanted to go for a hike. This is notable for the simple fact that for the past several weeks, I have been incessantly nagging him to take me for a hike rather than sitting home and watching football. This request has fallen on deaf ears so you can imagine my surprise when he actually wanted to go on a hike, and I wanted to watch football. Turns out, I threw a wrench in his Saturday plans to pop the question. My bad.

J agreed that he would stay in on Saturday if I promised to go on a hike with him Sunday after the race. “Yes. I promise.” I said (anything to get him to lay off) and didn’t think anything of it.

So I ran my race – and ran it hard – I was so excited once I finished but also exhausted. By the time I got home, I was limping, felt nauseous, and was in dire need of a shower. “So what are you wearing for our hike?” J says from the sofa. Sweet Jesus! He really was making me go on this stupid hike! Well, the guy showed up to my race this morning, in the cold, and supported me through the finish – I could do this for him. After all, it was a beautiful day and I did promise him…

So I proceeded to put on my most fancy of outfits. It included faded stretchy pants under a pair of old running shorts with a big baggy fleece that I stole from J. I was looking sexy. I also managed to put zero make-up on my face and quite literally throw my hair up into a ponytail and the headband that I had just run in. Please keep in mind that I was exhausted and obviously not thinking clearly. Thankfully, THANKFULLY, J suggested that I put on one of my running fleeces that fit me a bit better than what I was currently wearing. I told J that if he was going to criticize what I was wearing again, I wasn’t going. Then I put on my fleece.

Off we went, headed to the mountains where J had found a fairly short trail  that had a beautiful waterfall at the end of it. We parked and we hiked. Scratch that. J hiked, I hobbled. My knees hurt, my foot was blistered to all hell, my hip was throbbing but oh I was doing this stupid hike if it killed me.

I’m sorry, I feel like I’m rambling a bit, but I’m really trying to set the scene…

So we get to the falls:

Yay! And J says he wants to set up his phone to take a picture of us in front of said falls. This is nothing out of the ordinary. We’ve done this before. Little do I know that the sneaky little bugger is setting up his camera in video mode and filming the whole damn thing. I will be sparing you the video but here’s a synopsis: J tells me to get in the frame. Move back. Now move forward. Little to the left (I flip him the bird at this point), Ok stay there. Oh boy! Let’s take this picture and get it over with! And I turn around…To this:

Melts your heart doesn’t it?

And rather than say “yes” I just start sobbing. Standard. So in between the “Oh my god’s” J finally has to say “say yes!” and I did. I also managed to tell him between gasping snorts of air and tears that “I look like shit.” Again, standard.

So not only am I wearing Norts, stretchy pants, dirtball running shoes, and no make up but I also somehow manage  flip my soon-to-be-fiance off in our engagement movie. If this doesn’t scream YouTube gold, I don’t know what does.

The ring

Here she is!

In all it’s emerald cut glory. He did me so proud.

Oh and yes that is a band-aid on my finger. Go me.

The Date

Currently, the thought of even beginning to think about wedding planning is completely overwhelming me so I’m giving myself a week to not think about it. After that, Pinterest will take over my life. As far as an actual date? Please, I’m still trying to get used to wearing this ring. This coming spring is well, coming up too fast, and Summer’s in the South are just too damn hot. Fall is absolutely out of the question (we both have friends and family that would never forgive us of committing the faux pas of planning a wedding on a game day) and a winter wedding is not my thing. This leaves Spring of 2014. Sounds far away, but it’s really not. So get ready guys – A Sassy Swan wedding is in the works, but not for a while. And I will make it a priority to keep this blog limited to fitness and food with only a smattering of wedding-related posts.

So there’s our story. In all it’s perfectly imperfect glory.

Oh and I’m sorry for lying.


23 thoughts on ““Say Yes…”

    • Thanks so much! He’s a pretty good guy – I guess now I have to keep him around for a bit. I will forever feel like no engagement is complete without a great action shot of a middle finger being given…

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  5. Congratulations! We knew when we met you two at The Library, you were meant to spent a lifetime together. Cheers to you both.

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    • Yeah, he did me proud :). And we are up in Townsend all the time – our preferred method to get to the mountains as opposed to crazy Gatlinburg. And yes! It was Spruce Flats – good eye!

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