Black Friday Woes

Another Thanksgiving has come and gone, and for me anyway, another Black Friday has as well.

J & his sister E in front of the Thanksgiving spread

After spending my day cooking, eating, visiting, drinking, and eating some more – I left J’s families far too early so I could catch a few z’s before heading to the mall to being my Black Friday shift from hell.

Please don’t get me started on corporate greed, or human greed for that matter as my feelings towards Black Friday this year were particularly bitter. Less time with my family so I could cater to the whims of joker’s who are compelled to save 5 dollars on a cashmere sweater? Sounds like a fair trade-off to me. Not.

It truly wasn’t that bad. I mean, I could have gotten trampled, mugged, screamed at, hit with a hanger. Thankfully, non of that happened and the 8 hours of retail glory went by at a slightly faster snail’s pace.

Mostly people want to know what it was like because most people I know (or want to know) wouldn’t be caught dead at the Sears at 3 in the morning. Family and sleep are far too important. That being said – a little Black Friday recap for you guys. Similar to my race recaps, but far more sarcastic.

Event:Black Friday 2012

Where: West Town Mall – Knoxville, TN

Date & Time: November, 23rd 1:00 AM – 10 AM

Traffic: Non existent, surprisingly. Total time from apartment to parking: 10 minutes

Worst hour: 9 AM. I was running low on everything. Patience, fuel, the will to live. I was ready to get going.

Fuel: 5, count ’em, 5 cups of black coffee.

How did I feel: Like a zombie. At first a well-caffeinated zombie, then just a normal lethargic zombie.

Best part of the day (besides the end): I had a friend come in around 2 after leaving the bar (tee hee) and wait in line in order to gush to me about my new bling. Although it was short-lived as there was a line behind her, that visit made me smile. That and people watching. Trust me when I say that all the really weird ones come out around 4 am.

Worst part of the day: The very few but very rude customers. I discovered a direct correlation between ladies (the rude one’s are ALWAYS women…) with Disney Store bags and their all-around douchey-ness. The bigger the Disney bag, the douchier they were. Strange, huh?

Apparently not the happiest place on earth…

Weirdest thing I saw: Someone dropped off a decorative tin with those shortbread cookies in it. They failed to leave a note, or even be recognized by the 2 people who saw the drop. This was strange simply because we still have no idea who left the cookies but they were pretty tasty nonetheless. There was also a swarm of older women with these blinking,  light up cone hats on. Kind of like party hats but on a headband with more felt and glitter involved. I can only assume this was so they didn’t lose one of their people in the crowds.

Any Shopping purchases: My “lunch break” fell from 5:30 to 6:30. I had little else to do but wander around and peruse any deals so when I saw a large crowd gathered in front of JC Penney, I immediately got in it. Hey, I had nothing better to do. They handed me a pin upon entering the store with a small number on the back to enter on-line for prizes. Again, I had nothing better to do so I stood in the purse section and entered said number. Wahoo! I won a 25 dollar gift card. So I purchased a super stylish flannel pajama set:

Impulse purchasing at it’s finest


and some much-needed Thermolite long underwear for an upcoming ski trip. Grand total of purchases? 50 bucks. After my gift card and a change round-up donation, I paid 25. Total savings: 40 bucks. The bargains just ooze out of me. 

Final Thoughts: Black Friday sucks. It really is just a bogus day all around. Yes it marks the beginning of the holiday shopping season, but it could be better marked with standard shopping hours. Nobody likes to cut family time short so they can prepare to spend an exhausting overnight shift catering to the crazies. I consider myself thankful for the few short hours of sleep I was able to get before my shift. Other co-workers, who had spent their days cooking an entire feast, cleaning up said feast, and trying their best to enjoy every drop of family time, were not so lucky.

Although this wasn’t my first Black Friday shift, I honestly can say that I hope it’s my last. Some things are just more important in life and in this case especially, the ends don’t justify the means.

On a lighter note – it’s over and I had a wonderful Thanksgiving, even it was overshadowed by a looming shift. For everyone else that did not have to work, I hope your day was full of family, food, and things to be thankful for. Have a wonderful weekend everyone, and stay out of the Disney Store…there’s bad stuff in there.


5 thoughts on “Black Friday Woes

  1. HATE HATE HATE Black Friday and I am sorry that you had to work. I am thankful that no one in my immediate family participates in Black Friday which makes me very proud that we aren’t ghetto. I’m not saying that everyone who shops Black Friday is ghetto buuuuuuuut in this case…you are all guilty by association with this (watch the stupid video)…

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  3. I’m pretty sad Black Friday has made it to Canada, but thankfully I no longer work in retail. The days when I spent 14 hours at Best Buy on Boxing Day are gone.

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