Weekend Favorites

Do you ever have one of those weekends that just flies by? Of course you do…is a weekend ever really long enough for anybody?

Last weekend in particular seemed to pass with unnerving speed and it seemed like every minute was spoken for with an errand I needed to run, an appointment I had, or a commitment I had made.

Not that I am complaining because in actuality, I had a wonderful time. I had a wonderful dinner with some fellow Knoxville bloggers on Friday night, hair appointment Saturday morning so I could look all fancy-like for a fun photo shoot I had planned for J and I, and Sunday (after my patience-testing shift at the mall) we had dinner plans for our parent’s to finally (after 3 and half years) to meet each other.

Needless to say, this Monday seems more like a day to wind-down for a hot second before this week begins to take over. So while I “relax” a bit, here are some of my favorite images from this weekend…

Bloggy Dinner

From R to L: Kate, Heather A., Heather B., and Moi

An Italian dinner with ‘The Heathers’ and Kate. Heather B.  helms the fantastic Sprinkle Bakes – a blog dedicated to making stunning creations that combine the world of art and baking. Heather A. runs TheMommyhood.com a witty site dedicated to the trials and tribulations of raising children. Some day (far, far in the future) I will have kids of my own and be glad I have this resource. And finally, Miss Kate from Southern Belle Simple. I met Kate at Buiscuitfest and her blog is such a sweet example of why people adore the South – a bona-fide Southern Belle.

Van Gallik Photography

photo source here

A day running ’round my city taking pictures with the boy I love. What could be better? Oh yes…a photographer who is both a wonderful artist and a great friend (lucky us). This is one of my favorite pictures from the shoot…obviously I had to include cupcakes.

To my Knoxville peeps: if you are in need of an innovative and local photographer, Van Gallik is your guy (check out his site here).


Horrible picture…AMAZING food

Dinner at Tupelo Honey Cafe. Saved waiting 2.5 hours for a seat and sat at the bar. Black bean burger and beet salad amazing-ness…


When my parents come to town, they like to bring this little guy to visit our pups. So energetic he is…


Late afternoon cocktails work wonderfully at calming ‘meet the parent’ jitters…

So yes, a billion other little things happened but these moments were the best of them. I hope you weekend was busy and as full of joy as mine was.

Happy Monday!


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