600 Miles

To say I’m unprepared for my upcoming half on Sunday may be a bit of an understatement.

After PR-ing almost three weeks ago I’ve gotten out and done two, count ’em, two runs. The first one was a very easy run with J that was just over 3 miles, and the second was one of my world famous hill runs that clocks in at just under 5 miles. That’s it.

I don’t think I’m going to have much of an issue here. I’m not looking to PR again (this race involves running in a Santa beard – I need to pick my battles) and aside from my lack of running as of late I’m fairly certain I can endure 13 miles on a mostly flat course. Famous last words? I’ll let you know on Monday.

The factor I am worried about is the shoes. My last half also proved to be the last race for my Brooks. Between my hurt knees, throbbing hip, and blister from hell on the bottom of my foot, I knew it was time to retire my kicks.

And rightfully so! After some not-so-extensive calculations I discovered that I’ve put around 600 miles on those bad boys…600 MILES! Do you know how far that is? That’s me running from Knoxville to my hometown in New York – that’s how far it is.

So Black Friday came around and I decided that since I was already up and everything, I would go to Fleet Feet and pick up some new shoes. I was ready to look into something different. I don’t have a particular loyalty to Brooks so a new brand wasn’t out of the question. Plus, if they were on sale I was all about saving a pretty penny (if you run, you know how expensive good shoes can be…). So I went. I tried on like 3 different pairs. None of them felt quite right. So I put a one GTS 13 on my right foot and I literally said “These feel like home.” I didn’t even try on the other shoe. These were it.

New Shoes

I took my new babies home and wore them for my two sad little runs. It’s a trial an error process to get the laces tight or loose enough but I think we are good there. I’ve read several posts that good running shoes don’t necessarily need to be broken in so I guess I’m good there too.

But I can’t help feeling a little nostalgic for my now-retired GTS 12’s. So I dedicate this blog to them.

My Sweet Kicks

Thanks shoes for taking me through 600 miles

For being there from the start of my training

Through my very first half marathon

And the miles in between

Thank you for putting up with the rain and cold, the heat and sweat

And for carrying me through six more half marathons without fail

Here’s to you, you smelly old things. I’ll never forget my first pair.

Old Shoes

RIP little buddies

If you need me, I’ll be weeping in a corner somewhere.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone, and hug your shoes a little tighter tonight.


6 thoughts on “600 Miles

  1. HA, amazing. I should have sent my first half marathon shoes off into the ocean in a viking funeral ceremony but instead I think I wore them at a mud run and threw them into the donation bin…now I see how big of a jerk I am…thanks.

  2. I love the GTS 12! They’re my current shoes and I can’t wait to get the 13’s soon! They do feel like home to your feet! 🙂

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