Friday Favorites

It’s Friday! Whoopie do!

Our company’s Christmas party is this evening and as a result, we got off work a bit early today. Double Whoopie do! Friday’s are always good, but Friday’s where the work day is cut short are even better.

Due to my uncharacteristically festive mood, and the fact that I’ve got all kinds of errands to run, this post will be short and sweet and full of Friday Favorites a.k.a things that happened during the week that made it great.

Favorite E-mail: Nike Women's Half Marathon Acceptance

I vaguely remember filling out the necessary information to be entered into a lottery for this race. I informed J that if I got in (which I assumed I would not) that it could be my Christmas present from him. Well I got in. As a result, this foiled my plans to quit running (a decision I toyed with for about 20 minutes following my last race) and now J doesn’t have to worry about finding me the perfect gift. Win win for everyone.

Favorite baking moment: Gingerbread Stars

I bake these Sparkling Ginger Stars every year. They are so freakin’ good and make the house smell like magic. Seriously. Magic.

Favorite Ornament: Cupcake Ornament

Every year my mom buys me an ornament. This year, she was pretty spot on with her choice.

Favorite Christmas Craft: Window Bulbs

I got pretty creative this year. After obtaining several of these blown glass ornaments from a women at work who was about to throw them away (!!) I was looking for a way to creatively display them. I decided to find a stick that would fit over the window and tie them up with some red ribbon. THE WHOLE THING WAS FREE PEOPLE. Take that, Pinterest.

Happy Friday kiddos! Have a wonderful weekend!

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