Lazy Swan

As the holidays draw closer, it seems like everyone is scrambling to tie up loose ends at work, finish up their shopping, attending various Christmas parties,  and prepping for the inevitable travel.

Christmas Pups

And possibly festooning their dogs in holiday garb…

Me? I’ve just been lazy. I finished my shopping over the weekend, spent my time wrapping presents and watching Christmas movies (is there a better holiday pastime) and didn’t blog yesterday because, you guessed it, I was lazy. But my epic laziness doesn’t stop there…

I’ve stopped running. No, not permanently, but I have stopped for the remainder of the month. There are a few reasons for this – none of which I am sorry for – and I regretfully don’t feel bad about it at all.

One is obviously my knee. Following my last race, my knee hasn’t  been my biggest fan. Even now, over a week later, if I step on it wrong it pangs and that worries me. Better safe than sorry I suppose.

The second is I just don’t want to. Like really, really don’t want to. Running and I have a love/hate relationship and right now, I hate it. It’s cold and rainy outside, warm and cozy inside, and why on God’s green earth would I go outside to push out 10 miles when I could stay inside and bake cookies?

Which leads me to my third reason. I have every intention of stuffing my face with any and everything I feel like for the remainder of the month. Casseroles, cookies, candies, chocolate, prime rib, gingerbread, and carbs up to my eyeballs. I honestly don’t care. You know why? Because come January, my diet will be extraordinary strict and my exercise regimen will be even stricter. This may or may not have to do with a certain date that may or may not be coming up in the next year and half…but I’m going to say it’s because I’ve still got 6 marathons to go to finish up my project.

So until January, dear readers, please do not expect any fitness posts. This is the time to be focusing on your loved ones and the joy of the season. To me, part of that joy is indulging in the assorted cuisine that this time of year brings.

And to all those people who are working out during these times rather than sitting at home perfecting your mother’s cookie recipe I say bravo. You’re a better person than I – but I have cookies.

3 thoughts on “Lazy Swan

  1. Your poor knee is going to be even more angry when you gain 40 pounds in 20 days! Kidding, I keep running right now because I eat so much more crap…last night before a 4 miler…I may have eaten a brownie and sugar cookie…holiday running fuel, who needs GU gels!

  2. Kudos to you for listening to your heart! It’s not always east to admit that *sometimes* we hate running! I go through periods where the last thing I want to do is drag myself out of bed and do anything more than walk the dog (and sometimes THAT doesn’t even happen). I haven’t been the best at adhering to my marathon training schedule but I’m doing the best I can and doing what makes me happy (a few late nights here and there, some days of sleeping in instead of running in the rain, etc.). And I’m doing what I want to do! Isn’t that the whole point? To be happy? It sounds like you are! So enjoy your cookies and your holiday cheer! Running will always be there waiting for you 🙂

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