A Festive Survey

Merry Christmas Eve, everybody! I toyed with the idea of throwing another recipe your way, but decided upon one of these silly surveys instead.

First off, I love surveys – they give my readers a glimpse into my personal life and they give you the opportunity to think of your own answers. And secondly, if you are a blogger and ever in need of a creative and impromptu idea for a blog post, surveys are where it’s at.

Without further adeau… Holiday Survey Time!

1. Colored lights or white? It used to be white, but now I have a nastalgiic desire for the colored ones, you know with the huge big bulbs? Man I love those things… iStock-7750632_c7-c9-christmas-lights-bulbs-outside-home_s4x3_lead

2. When do you decorate? I try really hard to wait until at least the first day of December

3. Real or fake tree? Real. All the way. J and I get real trees every year. My parents, being retired, gave up on real trees when we moved down to Tennessee in 2005. They have a fake tree and it’s lame.

4. Favorite holiday desert? All cookies all the time

5. Would you rather online shop for gifts or go to the mall? Being a holiday retail employee, if I’m already at the mall it’s not that big of a deal. But I hate going if I don’t need to be there. Also, online shipping nowadays has like a 3 day turnaround – why go out when it can be delivered to your front door?

6. What are your Christmas morning traditions? Wake up to holiday music playing, and my mom’s world famous stratta in the oven. We get coffee ready and open gifts before breakfast.

7. Candy Canes, yum or yuck? Yum, in moderation. Sprinkled atop various deserts is the bees knees, but I can’t remember the last time I ate one on it’s own. candy_canes_peppermint_single

8. Favorite Carol? What isn’t my favorite carol? I love O’ Holy Night, Silver Bells, Carol of the Bells, and I’ll Be Home for Christmas

9. What tops our tree? An angel that J’s parents gave us last year. I’m pretty sure it’s not to be used as a tree topper, but she sits up there nicely and gets the job done so she stays.

10. Open presents Christmas Eve or Christmas Day? Christmas day. We tried the Christmas Eve thing once and it threw off the whole holiday dynamic.

11. What’s on my Christmas wish list this year? Well since I asked J to pay for my entrance into the Nike Women’s Half – that was at the top of the list… Oh and a new ski jacket. I can’t be going to Park City in just any old parka.

12. Coordinated tree or random ornaments? Both J and I came from families with the random assortment of ornaments rather than a fancy coordinated one. Unfortunately, our ornament collection is not all that big yet so there are several coordinated colored bulbs on the tree with a nice smattering of our personal ornaments.

13. Thoughts on snow? Love it. Miss it. Wish for it every year. Winter’s in New York were epic and we always had a very white Christmas, so I really miss the snow this time of year. Come New Years Day, though, and I am ready for Summer.

14. Favorite person to shop for? Probably J. I like to get really creative and personal with my gifts – I don’t like to just give him something easy. So I put a lot of thought into his and love putting it all together.

15. Favorite Christmas movie? A Muppet’s Christmas Carol. We watch this every year at my parent’s house. On VHS. Boom. muppet-christmas-carol-poster

So this concludes our survey for the day. Feel free to write your answers below – I love hearing about other peoples traditions! And if not, I wish you all a very merry Christmas and best wishes for a wonderful day!

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