Christmas Favorites

Merry Day after Christmas!! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday filled with love, family, and lots of good food.

Speaking of food, I think my body is beginning to reject all the goodies I’ve been cramming into it lately. Not that the food isn’t wonderful – it always is – but it’s not exactly the most healthy and I’m actually starting to look forward to eating better and getting back to exercising once the new year starts. Don’t tell anyone…

Aside from the continuous and self-induced food coma I’ve been in, I had a wonderful Christmas. Everyone was unbelievably generous and J and I always come home with loot up to our eyeballs. But if you are like me, often-times the best presents are the ones that come with a lot of thought. The things that you know they will love that usually cost next to nothing…Case and point: Cookbook

The Sassy Swan Cookbook, Volume I that J made for me. I took one look at it and started blubbering like a baby. Those gifts – the ones that mean the most, that can bring you to tears – are the greatest.

Now don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy the non-mushy gifts as well. For example, my new ski helmet that J’s parent’s got me. Helmet No squished noodle for this girl when she tumbles down the side of a mountain next month. And the Penzy’s Spices I got from J’s Sister and brother in law top my list. SpicesNot to mention that just the box smells amazing…

Oh and lest we forget my brother’s present to us – a box full of Southern Tier beer. BEERThank God. In fact, we recieved a lot of alcohol from people this year…it must be a sign.

And finally, we can’t forget the pooches on this wonderful day. Bella’s new scarf, knitted by my fabulous mom. Bella Scarf

I hope your day was full of wonderful and meaningful favorites. Happy Wednesday everyone!

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