See You in 2013


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Happy Friday! For those of you lucky enough to have the week off from work – I’m way jealous. For everyone else, hopefully you are looking forward to a long weekend and some fun-filled New Years Eve activities.

As for me, my brother will be coming to Knoxville tomorrow to spend some time with me before heading back  up to Cleveland and I’ve got some festive New Year’s Eve plans that involve some friends and a ball drop downtown.

Until then, however, I am in the process trying to kick the ass of an impending cold I have coming on. The next several days will consist of me drinking lots of green smoothies, sipping lots of soup, and resting up for the big night. As crappy as being sick is, I have high hopes that it will assist me in kick-starting my “I ate too much over Christmas and didn’t work enough at all” diet.

I’m actually pretty excited about getting back into my shoes and putting a few miles in. My knee feels good, the air is crisp, and I’ve got some more bling to add to my sweet race medal holder my boss got me for Christmas. MedalsIn the meantime, I’ll be alternating day-quil and champagne and making the most of the next few days. This also means a brief hiatus from the blog. I say brief because I’ll be back next Wednesday so, fear not dear readers, I won’t be gone for long.

So have a wonderful weekend, a very Happy New Years, and I’ll see you in 2013!


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