Favorite Kitchen Stuff

If any of you know me at all, you know I spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Poor J is culinarily (not quite a word) challenged and therefore 99% of our meals are prepared by me.

This is by no means a complaint as I happen to love to cook and bake. Lucky for J, and lucky for me. As a result of spending so much time in the kitchen, I’ve developed several appliances and gadgets that I found I use all the time. By all means, these are not necessary items and some are even pretty expensive, but if you cook a lot and better yet, love to do so, I see these as good investment pieces that will make your time in the kitchen run a bit smoother.

Cast Iron Dutch Oven


(Photo source here)

We’ll get the most expensive thing out of the way first. This sucker is an investment, but a really good one. I make a lot of soups, stews, and heavy sauces. This pot is fantastic for that purpose. Of course you can still use a regular pot to do that kind of stuff but enameled cast iron absorbs and spreads heat evenly and is surprisingly easy to clean up. Cooks note – these pots are heavy. We’re talking like 10-15 pounds. This is perfect for when you need to light something on fire than smother the flames (see here)

Stick Blender


(Photo source here)

I’m obsessed with this thing. As you may or may not know, I make a lot if soups. The kind where you throw everything into the pot and simmer into oblivion. Rather than having to transfer everything in batches to a blender, I just stick this sucker in thereto emulsify everything in one easy step. Super big time saver.

Kitchen Sheers


(Photo source here)

Having these on hand in a knife block to cut through pretty much everything is surprisingly beneficial. Best part is you can throw them in the dishwasher after using them on meat, which I often do.

Metal Tongs


(Photo source here)

Two words: Chicken Wings

. You need something heavy duty to grab your hot stuff, flip your meat, move your pans around in the oven, and pinch your dog’s nose when he gets too close .

Bad Ass Cast iron skillet


(Photo source here)

I say bad ass because if possible, you want your cast iron skillet to be old. Or at the very least, well seasoned. I am lucky enough to have parents that love antiquing so if you can come across an old Griswold skillet at an antique store, snatch it up. Kudos if you find a rare one, apparently they can be worth some money. Why cast iron? Well same reason as listed above for the dutch oven. Also, if you have ever cooked up some Benton’s bacon in a good cast iron skillet, I really don’t need to go into any further details.

Wooden Spoons


(Photo source here)

Wooden spoons are my favorite. I’ve got like 30 in all shapes and sizes that I use for everything. You can’t use metal spoons on non-stick surfaces, so there’s that, plus they’re wooden spoons. You can’t tell me you don’t feel at least a little bit like a legit chef when you use one.
Wire Cooling Rack


If you’ve read any of my baking posts, you’ve seen my cooling rack. I use this to cool cupcakes and cookies when they get out of the oven. I usually put a towel underneath so after they cool, I can frost them and the towel will catch any stray drips.


4 thoughts on “Favorite Kitchen Stuff

  1. I love this list!! My Dutch oven is my favorite thing in my whole kitchen ( and it was a relatively inexpensive one). One of these days I’m going to take the plunge and get a Le creuset… I can imagine it is life changing, hehe. Thanks for the reminder to pick up a cooling rack, I have no idea why I’ve never owned one!!!

  2. I absolutely ADORE my orange Le Creuset dutch oven! I’m shocked that yours isn’t orange, too 🙂 I really, really need to buy an immersion blender. I had a bad experience making some soup weeks ago when I filled up my Vita Mix too far and ended up with HOT soup ALL over myself and my kitchen. The doggie thought it was great, though, as he got to help clean up! So thanks for reminding me. I shall put another Bed Bath and Beyond coupon to good use!

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