Greetings From…

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I’m here in Park City enjoying a little ski vacation with family and friends and if you haven’t been watching the weather channel lately, it is unreasonably, insanely, stupid cold here. I’m talking highs, HIGHS, of 9 degrees. So typically its around a balmy 0 degrees with a low of about -10. Stupid cold.

These extreme conditions are forcing me to utilize every ounce of my willpower to walk out the door in the morning in no less than four layers of fleece, wool, vortex and under armor. It is also makes it damn near impossible to whip out your cell phone to take a picture without the immediate risk of frostbite. So please, take a moment to recognize that I weathered extraordinary conditions, risked my phalanges, as well as my red blood cell count to take this sweet panoramic at 9,350 feet. So you better like it.


If my posts are lacking in the material department this week, it’s because my fingers have fallen off or I’m attempting to make the most of my time here. But I’ll do my best to show you the best of Park City in pictures.

Have a wonderful week!


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