Ice Day


There are many things I love about living in the South. One of my favorites, is the absolute frenzy that erupts from a weather report merely suggesting the slightest bit of wintery weather. If snow is in the forecast – even a minor possible smattering – school is cancelled, the grocery stores are overrun with doomsdayers hoarding all the bread and milk, and I am left there amid the tizzy wondering what all the fuss is about.

I’m from Western New York, people. Days where accumulation reach 2 feet are not uncommon and Snow Days were reserved for the most abominable of weather. My parent’s once regaled me with the tale of when they actually skied to work (cross-country style) and I remember shoveling our driveway as a little girl when the snow would be over my head. My dad had to often shovel off our roof for fear it may cave in from the weight of the snow. Shit gets real up there, folks. You want a real Snow Day? Try Buffalo.

Now, Knoxville is not equipped with the army of snow plows that New York has, and rightfully so. There is maybe two months out of the year down here that actually get legitimately cold, and I have no doubt there are far more pressing issues that the city wants to spend it’s money on. This makes these weather alerts all the more exciting. If the city is unprepared to deal with it, we as citizens cannot be either! How ever will I get to work? There are inexperienced drivers on the road just waiting to hit me! The resulting phenom is the illusive Snow (read Ice) Day.


Why no that’s not a frozen pond, It’s my parking lot!

Yes, old man winter has laid his hand upon East Tennessee, and has inflicted an ice storm that has somehow managed to shutdown the majority of businesses and county offices – including but not limited to, my place of employment. There are few things that arouse the excitement in me comparable to Christmas Morning – the early announcement of an “Inclement Weather Day” is one of them. This girl is giddy. I get the whole day to lounge around, get caught up on things, and enjoy the solitude of an empty apartment (save two mutts) while poor J braves the terror of the interstate to get to his job that wasn’t quite as generous as mine (hey, a two hour delay is still nothing to scoff at J – don’t feel too bad).

However, there is a bad side to this winter wonderment and that is I just received word that my race tomorrow may be cancelled. I really don’t foresee this worse case scenario but I will know by five this evening. That being said, if I do run, here’s hoping I don’t slip on some black ice and break my leg. And if I don’t, well I’ll cross that bridge when I get there…

Happy Friday guys! And for any readers in the East Tennessee area, stay safe. I kid about the locals making a mountain out of a molehill, but it can actually be dangerous out there. There currently is a sheet of ice blanketing my car, making it impossible to go anywhere unless I blow-dry the damn thing and I totally fell on my ass when I pranced outside to take these pictures – so don’t be stupid.


Lovely icicles adorning my car…(go Vols)

4 thoughts on “Ice Day

  1. If only Southern California could get snow around LA, it would be perfect. I have never had the privilege of a snow day but then again, you probably haven’t had the privilege of a January with an average temperature of 80. Good with the bad I guess…have some hot coco for us Californians.

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