Runner’s Fate

First off, please note that I’ve added a fancy new tab at the top of the page titled “Race Reviews”. As the title would imply, there you will find a review of all the races I’ve run since the blog has started. Yay! Now, onto your regularly scheduled blog post…

People often say that things happen for a reason. Cliche, yes but every so often an applicable circumstance occurs that leads you to believe in the fate of coincidences.

This happened last Friday, following my ode to ice days, when I very casually mentioned that I bit it when I wondered outside to take some pictures for the post. No, the irony does not escape me – wiping out while taking pictures of ice. Unfortunately, what I failed to mention was that I actually fell pretty hard. Onto a curb. This was obviously painful at the time but since I’m such a hard ass (read embarrassed) I didn’t quite feel up to admitting that I may actually be hurt.


This worked until later in the day when I sneezed and felt a sharp pain in my back upper ribs. I couldn’t laugh, breath deeply, or cough without hurting. After a quick trip to the doctors to, you know, make sure my stupid fall wasn’t anything too serious I was diagnosed with  a nice set of  bruised ribs. Well, Shit. This is not the ideal situation for one planning to run 13 miles the following morning.

Coincidentally, I wouldn’t have to worry about it for long…the storm that had resulted in a surprise day off and left me confined to my apartment until the exoskeleton of ice defrosted off my car had also resulted in the cancellation of my race. A disappointment to many but understandably necessary given the conditions.

Chances are, I would have tried to run Saturday and failed miserably. And if I’m going to be completely honest here (isn’t that what a blog is for?) I wasn’t prepared. The longest I’ve run in the past month and  half is 7 miles. I’m not exactly at the pinnacle of half marathon shape.

So it would seem that all the odds were against me running this race. From the icy conditions resulting in its cancellation to the painful (and completely preventable) rib injury and truth be told, I’m sort of ok with it. Does this make me a bad runner? Eh, kind of. I should be more dedicated and I’m going to try to be. In the meantime I’ll be doing whatever it is that people with bruised ribs do to heal – which is basically nothing. Stupid ice.

Hope you guys have a lovely, and far less painful, Monday!


6 thoughts on “Runner’s Fate

  1. Hope your ribs heal very soon! I haven’t been doing a thing since my marathon in Charleston last weekend. I have two bruised toenails and can’t wear “real” shoes so I have been wearing furry Ugg type boots to work (that are a size too big). By the way, you missed a great course! It was beautiful and the weather was perfect. We spent the rest of the long weekend stuffing our faces at amazing restaurants. I am hoping to run it again next year!

    • Aw man! I’m truly jealous that you were able to run that race. I really, really wanted to and it was restaurant week to boot! I have hight hopes to run it next year though so I’ll keep my fingers crossed. Thanks for the well-wishes and congrats on your finish!

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