Super Bowl Roundup

There’s a buzz ’round town that the Super Bowl time is upon us yet again. Alas, this means little to me for two reasons: 1. I don’t care all that much for pro football (I’m more of a college football kinda gal) and 2. What teams I actually care little for (mainly the Bills and the Titans) are not playing.

There is one thing I can get on board with come Super Bowl Sunday and that, my friends, is the food.

Last year I hosted a get together with friends where I spent the day creating various treats I had found on Pinterest. This year, due to some preexisting weekend plans, I will not be hosting a party but rather, and I have high hopes, running an obscene number of miles and catching a few stand-out commercials. Nice and relaxing…

But just because I am attempting a more low-key Sunday doesn’t mean you should suffer from a lack of culinary inspiration! No, no. Not under my watch. Which is why I’ve assembled a list of delicious tried and true recipes that are guaranteed to be Super Bowl party approved.


Main Dishes

Crock Pot Chicken Tacos One of my favorite go-to, set it and forget it recipes. Don’t forget all the fixings!

Buffalo Chicken Wings – Super secret recipe for this Super Bowl favorite

Chicken Chili – Because everyone loves chili

Fun Sides

Meatballs – Make some of these bad boys and stick ’em in some marinara with some toothpicks for easy pick-up

Deep Fried Pickles – Because what would game day be without something deep fried? (besides the chicken wings)

Sweet Potato Chips – A crunchy and healthy alternative to your standard sour cream and onions

Dippity do das

Buffalo Chicken Wing Dip – A less messy version of the chicken wing and so insanely good

Beer Cheese – It’s beer and cheese. Together. And for the more refined palate, Pumpkin Beer Cheese


Checkerboard Cookies – Mix and match the colors for your team of choice!

Whopping Whopper Cupcakes – Malted milk goodness for all those whopper hits

So Go…er…TEAM! And have a beer for me.


3 thoughts on “Super Bowl Roundup

  1. OH Sassy Swan…did I ever tell you I made those wings?!? They were exceptional, maybe I will make them again this weekend even though I really have no plans for the Super Bowl.

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