Greasy Love Notes

Due to an exceptionally busy weekend and a particularly late night last night, I must apologize for my late post. My occasional attempts to rise before the sun to compose a blog post are futile. That being said, I hope … Continue reading

Juicy: Part III

Finally it’s the end of my very first three-parter (check out Part I & Part II if you missed it). I know that this whole week has been focused on this silly detox thing but I kind of feel that … Continue reading

Friday Faves

Happy end of the week everyone! This week has been a particularly long one and I am excited to start my weekend. I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day if you so chose to celebrate it. Also, for … Continue reading

Pear of the Dog Cupcakes

The “big” day is almost here, and no, I sure as hell am not talking about my impending nuptials (wedding planning is not going quite as well as, er, planned). I’m talking about Valentine’s Day! Although I have never been … Continue reading

Vinegar Ice Cream

Warning: The following post may contain content that is incredibly boring to those not interested in the culinary world. If you’d rather read about my running adventures, please read no further and check out Monday’s post. But if you, like … Continue reading