One Year Later

Happy Friday! Hopefully everyone has their Super Bowl plans together and will be enjoying a fun weekend ahead. Of course, there is another very important holiday coming up on Saturday -tThe oh-so-thrilling Groundhog Day! Silly old Punxsutawney Phil will scoot his rear end out of a hole and decide the fate of our continuing winter. National Treasure that Phil is. I truly don’t know how our nation would survive without such a vital day.

Groundhog Day also happens to mark another special ‘holiday’ for me – the one year anniversary of The Sassy Swan! Yup, yup! For one whole year, you guys have been following along through my running, culinary, and traveling adventures and for that I thank you. It takes a special kind of person to keep up with me at times so I’m glad you all have been here for it.

How am I going to celebrate this momentous occasion? With cupcakes of course! J’s wonderful mom is throwing us an engagement party this weekend and word on the street is there will be cupcakes from my favorite Knoxville bakery, Magpies. I plan on sneaking two: one for the engagement and one for the blogiversary. Shhh…

For me, the blog has been sort of like a public journal,a place to electronically capture what’s going on in my life. I have posts I’m proud of, and posts that are not all that great but I suppose that indicative of life…

Now enough of all that idealistic mumbo jumbo and moving along to more enjoyable things, like checking out some of my favorite blog posts from the past year! Sassy Swan 1

Posts I am most proud of:

600 miles – Phew! That’s a lot of running!

Secret City Half Marathon – Turns out, hard work really does pay off.

Posts that was the most fun to write:

Knoxville Restaurant Week – Seriously, who wouldn’t have fun eating their way through town?

Cheesy Valentine’s Day Special – A not so typical Valentine’s day and a horrific smelling cheese.

Southern Food Writing Conference – Two words: Biscuit Fest.

Favorite J related posts:

Sappy Swan – Rare proof that I actually have feelings.

Say Yes – Mostly because I get engaged but partly because I manage to both curse at and flip J the bird,  all caught on video.

Favorite Recipe Posts:

Beer Cheese – Putting my detective work and extreme math skills to work

Roasted Beet and Strawberry Salad – God, beets are so underrated!

Cardamom Cookies – Embracing my Swedish roots was pretty damn delicious.

Chicken Wings – Every good sort-of Buffalonian has a recipe. This one just happens to be the best.

Traditional Swedish Glögg – This was a blast to make!

Posts that best reflects my personality:

Recipe Fails – Everyone F’s up sometimes.

Culinary Explicit Material – Stuffing my face and relating it to porn. That about sums me up.

Squiggly Noodle Stuff -Hey, I’ll try anything once

Embarrassed runner – Thongs and snot rockets. Keeping it classy and sassy.

Favorite Cupcake Posts:

Whopping Whopper Cupcakes – before I started putting alcohol in everything

Mint Julep Cupcakes, Orange Crushcakes

Hot cocoa Cupcakes with Marshmallow Vodka frosting – and after…Do I have a problem?

Favorite Travel Post:

Charleston’s Finest – FIG, Husk, and carriage rides

Park City – Freakin’ georgous

Bonnafood – Sure it’s only a few hours away but Bonnaroo really is it’s own little world

Favorite Running Posts:

Sassy Swan Half Marathon/Winning the Run

Humble beginnings of a runner – You gotta start somewhere!

Scenic Runs

The AM/PM Dilemma

Most popular (based on views)

Top 10 Pre-Race Rituals

Banana Pudding Cupcakes

Tailgate Friday: Checkerboard Cookies

So thanks goes out to all of my dear readers who have stuck it out with me over the past year.  Here’s to another year of Boozy cupcakes, ridiculous runs, amazing food, and wonderful places.



2 thoughts on “One Year Later

  1. Man, I didn’t realize I have been down for the cause since close to the beginning…it’s been great reading your posts! I mean hell, you are the only person to post a recipe online that made me salivate enough to get off my butt and into the kitchen! Congrats!

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