A Good 10 Miles

Woo, what a Super Bowl! Beyonce rocked out, Destiny’s Child reunited (everyone’s been ready for that jelly), and someone plugged one too many cords into a Super Dome power outlet.


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You’ll notice none of my highlights include the actual football game, and as I type this, there still has yet to be a winner. Evidence that my interest in football has severely waned over the past few weeks. Sorry I’m not sorry.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. My best friend, S, (seen here) flew in for a little engagement party and our time was spent, as most BFF reunions are, giggling, sipping cocktails, and trying to cram a week’s worth of Knoxville activities into a day and a half. Not an easy feat, but you better believe there was beer cheese involved. What can I say? It’s worth flying in for (or obnoxiously harassing a waiter into giving you the recipe so you can make it yourself…).

After I dropped her off at the airport Sunday morning (wahhhh) I had big plans to do a long run. An extra long run even. So following breakfast, a nap, some serious procrastination, and a new uploaded book on my iPhone, I set out around 4:30. Better late than never.

I wanted to do 9 miles but was willing to stop at 8 depending how I felt. So you can imagine my surprise when I hit 10 and feeling pretty good. That’s right guys,  this mildly hungover girl pushed out 10 miles. 10 good miles at that. Somebody’s back in half marathon shape and pretty exciting about it.

After bombing my December half, I was feeling pretty lousy. I took a break from running that extended several weeks beyond what it should have. I’ve been trying to get back to a point where I felt ready to run 13 miles again and for the past few weeks it was looking pretty bleak. I read somewhere it takes about 2 weeks to get out of shape and 6 weeks to get back in it. Well I’m here to vouch for the validity of that statement. It’s been exactly 8 weeks since the Santa Hustle Half and I am finally, FINALLY, feeling like I’m back to where I was.

That being said, I have my first marathon of 2013 this Saturday: The Strawberry Plains Half Marathon.


Last year’s garb…

You may, if you’ve been following my tiny blog for a while, remember that I ran the Straw Plains 10-k last year as part of my half marathon training. I’m familiar with the course (as well as the chance of freakishly cold weather) and am pretty excited about it. Even more so following today’s run.

Last year's race fun

Last year’s race fun

I’ve also given a lot of thought as to what to do about my Half Marathon A Month Project. I obviously skipped out on January and it would be a lie if I said I wasn’t at least a big disappointed in myself. Hey, sometimes things don’t work out –  i.e. signing up for a race and a ski trip at the same time, or having your other race option cancelled due to a freak ice storm – but I have no intention of throwing in the towel. My half marathon a month project may be turning into a 12 half marathons in 12 months project or something of the like. Either way, I have plans to cram 2 half marathons into 1 month coming up. One hesitate to make the same mistake twice, I having signed up for anything as of yet and will obviously be keeping you posted. In the meantime, I’m keeping focused on Saturday.

Oh and for anyone who managed to miss the Big Game, turns out the Raven’s won. Woo freakin’ hoo.


3 thoughts on “A Good 10 Miles

  1. Nice job on getting a longer than expected run in, 10 miles is good, especially when you started with the attitude that you may cut it short! Good luck saturday and beer cheese? Share.

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