Juicy: Part III

Finally it’s the end of my very first three-parter (check out Part I & Part II if you missed it). I know that this whole week has been focused on this silly detox thing but I kind of feel that if I’m doing it, and letting you guys know about it, then it’s important that I cover all the dirty details before you decide if you want to give it a whirl.


Smoothie in the morning, smoothie in the evening, smoothie and suppertime

So this is the most important part, really. How I felt. Did I lose weight? Did I feel “cleansed?”.  Well in short, fine, yes, and I’m not sure. I mean how does one really tell if they are detoxified? Do I feel rejuvenated and full of life? I mean, not really, but I did feel a hell of a lot better after drinking these drinks then I did after binge eating over the weekend. You get what you put in, I suppose.

Speaking of getting what you put in, it should be noted that during this time I had to pee. A lot. One would thing I would be doing the other thing ladies don’t speak of, but no (not excessively anyway) just peeing. All. The. Time.

As for the weight loss, I somehow managed to lose around 6 pounds. Now my weight was up a few pounds when I weighed myself Sunday evening (after a gluttonous weekend)  so really if I take what I lost from what I normally weigh, I would put my total weight loss around 3 pounds. J lost around 4. The goal of this cleanse was never to lose weight. I simply wanted to feel and eat better. The weight loss was an extra bonus if you can count it as that. But I’m fairly certain it was just water weight and what not so my guess is, I’ll be back to normal weight soon enough.

Now on to how I felt – honestly, the most important aspect of this whole process. Surprisingly, the drinks always kept me satisfied. I was never ravenous unless I saw or smelled food. This is a big deal because even during running and working out, I was able to feel like I had enough fuel in my body.

A downfall, and As I mentioned in my part 2 post,  I was really cold. Insatiably cold. So cold that after turning up the heat in our apartment, putting on a bathrobe over my clothes, throwing on a hat with ear flaps, and pulling on gloves, I still couldn’t really get warm. But I did manage to look eerily like this guy:


“Shitter was full!”

My mood had it’s ups and downs. For the most part, I was fine. But on day three, I became irrationally angry at J when I found he at eaten my last avocado. I suppose three days of straw sucking will do that to you.

Following the last day of the detox, I assumed that I would wake up craving something. Anything. Breakfast would be the first meal where I could chew something! But you know what? The only damn thing I wanted was a smoothie, so that’s what I had. Jokes on me.

Lunch was the first meal where I actually ate something and as I had a work meeting at Panera I was able to search the menu beforehand to find something that I wanted. Half a turkey and avocado sandwich on sourdough and a bowl of chicken noodle soup. I devoured the soup but could barely finish the sandwich. My lack of appetite was seriously starting to concern me.

Last night, J and I met with a photographer at one of our favorite bars downtown. I decided on a glass of Pinot Noir and was surprised to notice that halfway through the glass, my cheeks were feeling flushed. By the time I finished the thing it was questionable if I should drive my car.  Normally during something like this, I would have been eager to order some sort of snack to nibble on, but I didn’t. So my appetite seems to have decreased as well as my alcohol tolerance. Lucky for J, I’m now a cheap date.

As a person that loves good food as much as I do, I suppose this is a lesson in moderation. Knoxville’s Restaurant Week starts Sunday, and I have an Academy Awards party to attend over the weekend. There will be food involved – good food at that. But I have a feeling I’m going to be a bit more aware of what and how much I am consuming.

So in conclusion (finally) I will probably actually end up doing this again – sometime in the far away future. I almost feel like this cleanse ‘reset’ my body and, for the moment anyway, I’m really enjoying my food, in tune to what I’m putting in, and feel better about it. If that’s what you’re looking to gain from doing something like this, I say go for it. Just keep in mind that everyone is different and your effects could be completely different from mine.

But if you do try it, and actually like the revolting lunch drink, we are no longer friends.


Thumbs down to you, green goblin!

Happy Friday everyone, I hope you have a healthy, fun, and fabulous weekend!

*Please note that this particular cleanse may not be for everybody. Should you choose to try it, you should okay it with your doctor first.

One thought on “Juicy: Part III

  1. Oh juice cleanse…have you watched Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead? I almost went out and bought a juicer after I did…its a good documentary that breaks down the reasons why juicing is so good for us…now, I don’t own a juicer but I have had juice as a meal from Whole Foods since watching it and it is definitely filling but hard to swallow towards the end so I kind of understand. Supposedly if you can juice for 10 days then you are supposed to feel amazing. (3) days doesn’t seem too difficult after reading this…but I would want to avoid the “shitter was full” look.

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